Kickstarter Spotlight: Essence – The Resurrection

Essence 1

We have come to somewhat of an issue with AAA developers focusing more on franchises that sell over new IPs. As a result Kickstarter has become a wellspring of fresh ideas and creativity from up and coming indie developers. It’s the one place we can actually have a real say about the future of video games. Never before have gamers been able to express their support of games they want to see and play simply by financing a project.

One such project I wish to bring to your attention is the narrative discovery adventure game Essence developed by a team of two, One Vision Games. This dreamscape adventure, built using the Unity engine, captured my gaming heart with its amazing art style that transcends anything I’ve seen so far from an indie developer. This is their resurrection campaign after being overlooked and failing to get funding the first time around. I have to commend their conviction and dedication to make this game a reality. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’, this game is going to happen and at this early stage you get to be a part of it.

So what is Essence? Well, this is how it’s described on their website.

“Essence is a surreal exploration game where the world around you revives and evolves with your game process. The color of the levels will change the further you progress through the level and the more myths you uncover. In contrast shaping of the world is possible through collecting lost fragments. The more fragments you have the more objects are interactive and will react on your presents. Besides that the core worlds of the game also contain various main riddles. They are huge, challenging, and all contains different stages and elements to solve them. The main task of the game and a mind bending puzzle itself is to figure out what the different worlds are about, how they are connected and what your own purpose in the world of Essence is. By uncovering hidden places and items you will experience the story that slowly brings you closer to the solution. Therefore Essence offers an anomalous story that leads you to one interwoven message… “

Full disclosure, I’m one to put my money where my mouth is. As such I have made a pledged towards this campaign. As is standard for all those who pledge €5 or more I have received and played a prototype build that is available for PC and Mac. It’s important to note that this is pre-alpha and not representative of the final product. It’s designed to make sure the very basics like not falling through the ground and interacting with objects works as intended. It should give you a rough idea of their vision, garnering feedback from people backing the campaign. Currently the control system is competent enough to experience the game. They’ve already confirmed that they will be tweaking the movement controls based upon the feedback they’ve already received. After playing the pre-alpha demo I want to play more and get lost in the dreamscape worlds of Essence. If you feel the same please support One Vision Games campaign so it doesn’t just reach its goal, it smashes it.

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