Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders Review

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I used to watch Agatha Christie Poirot in the 90’s starring David Suchet and remember sitting on the sofa with family all getting involved, some twenty years later I’m sitting on my own sofa with my girlfriend (an avid crime program and game enthusiast) each with a cup of tea ready to start this adventure. We have both completed games such as Sherlock Holmes and Murdered: Soul Suspect and enjoy these crime, mystery puzzle games. Although the graphics and sometimes gameplay aren’t fantastic the story and puzzles lure you into a fantastic little world.

Using a controller Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders is quite tough to get used to but really shouldn’t put you off, you start in London and after a cut scene aboard a train arrive in a shop fronted street in the mid 1930’s, the cartoony cel shading graphics are similar to that used in the game Borderlands and really complement the game. You play as Hercule Poirot the moustache wielding fictional Belgian detective, alongside his flamboyant sidekick Captain Arthur Hastings. Your main point of contact is Chief Inspector James Japp, the man in charge of the police force and is at the crime scene waiting for you arrival.

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The first murder acts as an introduction and tutorial as you piece together what happened to the poor shop keep, interview witnesses, search for clues and interact with intricate and mildly complicated little puzzles that had us both scratching our heads. Slowly after you’ve gathered enough information and evidence you have to play out the events of the crime but it really makes you think and we really enjoyed the first chapter and couldn’t wait to start the second

At a quick glance people might be put off with this game but as mentioned these games aren’t designed to be graphical powerhouses, it’s all about the story driven crimes and puzzles, hunting out as many clues as you can and this game has that. Yes the voice acting isn’t the best you’ll ever hear, sadly the game has crashed a handful of times as well. I was however playing on a pre released version so I can forgive it for that and as frustrated as it is I’d always jump straight back in to the action and carry on.

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Personally we loved and still do love it, it’s a game I’d actually go out and buy as these games make you think, me and my girlfriend discuss what do, who we think did it, how to interview a suspect and get mildly frustrated (very frustrated) with the intricate puzzles. For example there is box in chapter one, you have to move a maze around so you can slot a piece from the outer edge to the middle and that was only step one.

The Agatha Christie – ABC murders for us scores a high 8/10, we enjoy playing it and although, as I said, the voice acting isn’t great and it crashed a few times but other than that the game flows really well, it’s a game about mystery, crime and solving murders and puzzles and we can’t wait to play through the rest of the game and complete it. As we are determined we will catch the ABC murderer and put him behind bars.

Rating 8

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