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Cityconomy, the game from Nano Games, published by Astragon. Is an open world simulator in which the player gets to take on the task of maintaining a city and doing all the jobs necessary in order to keep it in shape for the general public. This game sees the player take on different tasks varying depending on the time of day and what is needed at the time. Utilising a number of different vehicles, it reminded me much of a previous game I had reviewed ‘Farming Simulator’ in terms of the game play. This game for me overall was thoroughly enjoyable. More so than previous similar games that I had played.

Graphically it was incredible compared to my original expectations, even on my personal computer (Which isn’t spectacular) The graphical range and detail was very good from the quiet backgrounds to the busy daytime of city life not only did it look good but it felt real. Driving through the city it looked how I would expect a city to look and that only immersed me further into the game. The changing time of day as well as the changed in weather presented fresh graphical backgrounds but also a change in the tasks that were necessary. This meant that a wide range of machinery had to be available and it was. As with other simulation games of its kind there was a wide range of vehicles all necessary to complete their own task at any given time.

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The music is as good as one can hope. With it being a PC game this is obviously easily modified, but the default settings are more than good enough realistic ‘city’ sounds such as the cars etc are all accurate and immersive when that it wanted. They are all customizable on the levels so can be included or excluded based on what sounds the user wants in their experience. This aspect of the game doesn’t entirely add an incredible amount to the game, as it isn’t really and expansive detailed story there isn’t a great deal that the audio has to contribute, but it does its part and adds to the overall realism of the game.

Game play was in my opinion incredible. With this being on the PC rather than console the option for button configurations is so much higher with a keyboard and mouse than it would be with a controller. This means that game play has the potential to be a lot more fluid with many different buttons able to be pressed at the same time. This format is perfect for this game with the amount of complex machinery used to complete all of the tasks that the city requires these processes can be used in contention with each other simultaneously to allow a smooth flow between vehicles different functions. One example of this was the capability to drive a garbage truck and smoothly while stopping picking up a trash can. This might appear to be something little but in a game this big the smoothness of the littler things really adds to the overall game. A big part of the game play that I also really liked was the ability to speed up/slow down time. This means that jobs that would be otherwise time-consuming and quite frankly boring to watch can be sped up and the user moves onto a different area and perhaps a more entertaining task.

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Overall Cityconomy is really a spectacular one for its genre it mixes the weather and time changes with the various jobs and vehicles necessary for city maintenance perfectly with an engine that We have seen before, but not quite in this fashion. It brings together tasks that generally are assumed to be quite mundane and makes them entertaining in a way that otherwise I may not have enjoyed this game. The overall feel is just fantastic and the game with all its available modifications and changed that can be made by any user just has endless possibilities for the jobs and vehicles and even the backgrounds of the city, these can all be changed to keep the game fresh even if the eventuality that the user could get bored comes true

Rating 9

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