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Cubixx HD is a fast-paced action arcade game. Video game mechanics from the 80’s meet the looks of cheap TV-shows from the 70’s meet synthesizer music from the 90’s. It’s feature-rich laser cutting with a hint of “What just happened? Did I beat it? Oops, no, I lost.”

I am having my troubles with this game because there isn’t really anything to review, it’s just a functional remake of that one game whos name I spent hours researching but didn’t find. Make you can help me? It was a mini game way back in the day, where the screen looked like “Snake” but you controlled a spider that had to cut pieces of the screen off. The worm in the middle got faster each with  level. It was one of those games I played when some magazines still came with CD-ROMs with free demos and minigames on them. Way before miniclip. Anyways, that’s Cubixx HD, but they put the game mechanic in the on a cube instead of the good old-fashioned plane.

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You know what they teach you first about writing reviews? It’s that you have to take a side right from the beginning. Screw being objective, you are not a judge, you tested the product, you have an opinion, so express it. This is a rule of writing reviews that I have successfully ignored in almost all of my reviews. I always try to see the positive in games I dislike and I always try and dig into the weaknesses of the games I enjoy. This is not going to be one of those reviews.

My hopes were high for the title. After all, unlike most of the indie games I review the developer of this game already has some rather good PC titles under his belt (after they made the shift from mobile gaming). The studio that goes by the name Laughing Jackal made its debut with “OMG Zombies!” that is unique in it’s own fashionable way, not being tremendously creative in regards to bringing something new to table, but a solid game that any studio could be proud of. Their second release, “Flame Over”, a good time, with a troublesome camera perspective, was also something you don’t play everyday, a breeze of fresh air.

Cubixx HD though? Not so much. It’s all been here before. And when I say it’s all been here before I mean it’s so old you can play it in your browser. Cubixx HD is neither pretty nor new. It works, that’s about it. It almost seems to me like they had no idea on what to create, so they just started working on “something”. A piece of software without concept that is just all over the place, tells no story, invents nothing new.

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What games like this one do is they bring the mentality of mobile gaming to the PC. Here I don’t mean the infamous pay-to-win mechanisms, I mean the concept of taking an old game, adding some features that don’t really add to the experience and then putting a ridiculous price tag on it. Uncool.

If you’re hearing “Oh this game must be poo” you’re probably misunderstanding me. It’s not poo, it’s a good game. It has been for probably more than twenty years. The features you get with this version though are none that you would want to pay nine Euros for. It is overpriced and underimaginative (I know that’s not really a word, but it works so well here). If you buy this one, you might have fun, if you skip this one, you’re not missing out on anything.

Rating 5

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