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While I was in Secondary School if I ever needed an excuse to kill an hour-long lecture on web safety, I use to play a game by the name of Pandemic, an interesting flash game in which you release a disease upon the world with the objective of infecting the world and killing off the world’s population. Fast forward to 2012 and top of the games section of the Android market is “Plague Inc” A game of the same premise but from the comfort of my phone, I can still remember the long bus rides home from school I spent trying to infect Greenland with my super virus only for them to close their dock and me failing to contain the research for the cure to my virus. Now it’s 2016 and Plague Inc is back, but now I can play it without my phone turning into molten plastic wreck.

Plague Inc Evolved is for all intents and purposes a re-release of Plague Inc onto your PC and or Laptop. The core gameplay mechanics are still here. You pick a starting country to infect patient zero and slowly use evolution points to make your contagion more infectious or more lethal. You can pick from various contagions; from the classic virus to the more unique mind control parasite. To unlock them however you must complete each type on normal difficulty or higher. Which is fine it adds to the replayability of the game and the virus and fungus contagions make for some challenging gameplay, the virus for example is very volatile in that it can mutate without warning, meaning that you may evolve a new symptom that you may not have wanted to have. That said, for players who just want to unlock all the contagions the game does offer a “Pity Mode” which allows you to unlock the contagions playing on casual difficulty if you’re so inclined.

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The game adds a newer UI that is nice it fits with the theme but your contagion doesn’t seem to have any progression as it appears in a microscope view in the top corner of the evolution menu screen. It would have been interesting to see as you add more symptons and transmission vectors the contagion progressively in dynamic ways but alas this is not the case. The game hasn’t really changed much visually, the slight 3D effect of ships and planes flying around the world is nice, there also some “camera shots” of individual countries but I was expecting a bit more with the transition from mobile to PC giving with it a lot more potential for graphical enhancement. I was a bit disappointed they didn’t do more with it.

The gameplay is the game I knew and enjoyed, with the addition of multiplayer it makes for some interesting gameplay pitting yourself and a friend in a biological war of global proportions. Additionally the game features cooperative multiplayer allowing you to work together with your friend to destroy the world. Both additions are welcome one, it added an element I wasn’t sure would mesh with the existing game, but to my surprise it’s strangely compelling. I was lucky enough to find a friend who also owned the game after playing a couple of games of versus and cooperative and it’s an interesting concept, on the flip side there didn’t seem to any one to play with online, although that probably is due to my spotty connection. Overall the gameplay is a mirror image of the mobile game but is in my opinion a lot more comfortable in to play on my PC.

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I’m somewhat conflicted recommending this title, in that I’m not sure the title is worth the £10 investment or regional equivalent. The mobile game offers the same experience, with the caveat of buying the bonus content separately. I’d recommend trying out the game on mobile and from there deciding for yourself whether or not the game warrants the purchase on Steam. While I enjoy the game I’m not sure if it’ll have the longevity to sustain the interest of some people, the modding on PC allows the upload of unique scenarios which offer the some replayability but beyond that it’s very much up to the player to get the most out of the game. So this is a tough one, if you’re really unsure and are sat on the fence, it may be a good idea to wait for a Steam Sale and pick it up cheap and give it a go? Alternatively Steam has it’s return policy now so giving it a go is possible without the threat of losing money on a game you don’t want.

Overall I think Plague Inc: Evolved is a good game, it is exactly what you expect from it (A hypochondriac’s worst nightmare) But the game hasn’t really added anything substantial in my eye to warrant the £10 price tag.

Rating 5

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