Apocalypse Hotel – The Post-Apocalyptic Hotel Simulator! Review

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Apocalypse Hotel, a fantastic game made using the popular program RPG Maker brought to us by the game developer Michael Flynn. While the genre of zombies has been done plenty of time this game brings a whole different concept while keeping true to the horror aspects of the game.

The main player is in the middle of an apocalypse in which an alien invasion has also caused zombies to be created on earth. The main character travels to their parents hotel and decided to renovate and run it during the apocalypse. The game then sets about setting different tasks and jobs in and around the local town to improve the hotel and ‘build up’ the main base that is the hotel.

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Graphically some people would argue that this game leaves a lot to be desired. But for me this style is just perfect it brings back a nostalgic feeling from my youth when lots of games used a similar graphic set, but ties that in with a much more mature subject matter such as zombies. As you can likely see from the pictures accompanying the article this game graphically isn’t a visual masterpiece. But nonetheless it kept me engaged for much longer than I had even intended on playing. This game blends together the horror genre with its array of different enemies as well as tying in some incredible missions to improve your home base which is something I really enjoy.

The music as with any game that doesn’t have a massive budget really kind of got a bit tedious for me. It was , for me, the one downfall in an otherwise thoroughly fantastic game. While it did have slight differences and changes between areas and at certain times I didn’t really feel that it added anything to the game and often found myself favoring my own music playlists rather than the in-game music. This however for me isn’t a game spoiler as I do this with many games

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The game play, I felt, was fantastically well done with the level of graphics actually adding to this in a fun way. There were lots of little things necessary to complete each mission or upgrade the hotel and to complete those the layout of the buttons including both maneuverability and attacking / defending myself were easy to learn and master with an array of weapons available as I got deeper into the game. One fantastic feature , I felt, was that I had AI controlled combatants who would fight by my side. Mainly guests at the hotel but also creatures, the first of which was the main characters old pet dog turned zombie dog that he had found at the hotel but for some inexplicable reason chose to fight with him rather than against him. This added a certain ease to the early game which I personally didn’t quite appreciate but it did have the added bonus of enabling me to explore while at relative ease and comfort with the dog managing to dispatch most of the early zombies pretty easily.

Overall I thought Apocalypse Hotel was fantastic. An excellent twist on many features that we have seen in other games but overall changed and adapted for this game are just absolutely fantastic and to think its all made using RPG maker is another excellent feat within itself. I would absolutely recommend this game to anybody who is a fan of any kind of game because it is both incredibly well made and engaging. The fact that it might not be a persons favorite genre to me really wouldn’t matter as these kinds of game don’t always grip me but this is certainly one that I will be playing for some time.

Rating 9

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