How 3D games are found in all gaming sectors

Super Mario 3D World

Long ago in the 1970’s everyone was fascinated with the emergence of the first commercial video game: Pong. It was more of a console than a video game since the technology was so primitive, the whole console was just one single game. The term itself was coined back then – video game, since it used the TV screen for it to show the actual game play mechanics. Who would’ve known that today we would have realistic 3D games with the Oculus Rift that you can actually immerse yourself in.

3D games have started to really take off in the early 90’s with the introduction of the first true First Person Shooter Wolfenstein 3D. The game was developed by id Software, the company that claims some of the biggest FPS titles of all time like Doom and Quake. For the first time players could see 3D objects, instead of the standard 2D perspective that most gaming companies like Nintendo and Sega had envisioned previously on their respective consoles.

The 3D aspect will continue to evolve and be accepted across all genres, not just first person shooters. Strategy games like Starcraft and Red Alert would change the way how we perceive real time strategy games, while companies such as EA and Sony Computer Entertainment would introduce this concept with 3D arcade and simulation racing games. Online casino games have flourished as well thanks to the 3D graphics, and as a result they’ve become more interactive and immersive than ever. You can read the full story on and check other casino game articles on this related site.

Today, 3D games are literally everywhere. You can play the classics and many new games on your favorite smartphone thanks to Google and Apple’s excellent market places. Adopted for a smaller screen and with technology which boasts the textures and graphics to unparalleled heights, you can get immersed in 3D environments just like in front of a big screen (if you don’t mind the smaller screen of course). Console players have been steadily getting better and better games thanks to the newer generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and incredible platform exclusives such as God of War, Halo, Uncharted and Gears of War have pushed the boundaries of what we perceive as a 3D game.

Oculus Rift 3D

Online we have the simplest concept being turned inside out, like id and their browser version of Quake 3 Arena, called Quake Live. That’s right; you can actually play a competitive, online, fast paced first person game within your browser. Talk about progress when you could only play the game of pong on your TV.

In truth however, 3D has been a rather redundant and archaic expression which is only now gaining momentum thanks to the emergence of actual 3D technology. The Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus and several others are already paving the way for a completely immersive user experience that can be seen from the first person perspective, augmented by a peripheral device which creates the illusion of 3D visuals. The industry is very young however early adopters are claiming it holds a great promise if it manages to deliver great games.

Apart from the impressive demos and many (many) horror titles, we have yet to see some truly inventive and ground breaking new game that will showcase the capabilities of 3D gaming as a whole. We’ve seen Valve’s greats like Half Life 2 and Team Fortress 2 being featured in 3D with the Oculus Rift, and they seem great BUT these games haven’t been build with 3D in mind and there’s always a feeling that something is… off. Here’s hoping that in 2016 we see the real deal with our very own eyes.

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