Kickstarter Spotlight: Kaidan

Weaving a story from our imaginations to scare others is somewhat of a guilty pleasure I think we all have. With this in mind the evil geniuses over at Metanoia Games have been working hard on bringing this as a unique aspect of their horror exerience. It’s very similar to being the Dungeon Master of a table-top role playing game Call of Cthulhu. They’ve coined this the Kaidan system and it’s got me more than a little bit excited. So what exactly does it do? Well here’s a fuller explanation to whet your gaming taste buds.


Kaidan System: A comprehensive system for creating horror scenarios. It allows the players to:

  1. Create levels in different settings such as hotels, mansions, hospitals, etc.
  2. Create characters including Victims (protagonists) and Haunters (antagonists) with highly varied abilities and characteristics
  3. Integrate user created riddles and puzzles into the game level to create a unique experience and story.
  4. Add user-generated content such as text, voice and images to enrich and narrate your story.

That’s not all as the community will be share and rate your diabolical creations.Kaidan Screenshot_Abandoned Manor_Priest_1

What’s really interesting is while someone builds this hell house people are actively playing in it. This is a unique asymmetric multiplayer horror game experience. A solo Haunter will hunt down and scare a group of Victims utilising unique game mechanics. Based on the Storyteller’s input for each scenario, levels will be procedurally generated, so every single story can be experienced in many different forms.

It’s planned to be released on PC, Mac and PS4.

Looks and sounds good? Go and check it out for yourself at their Kickstarter campaign.

Kaidan Screenshot_Abandoned Manor_Haunter_2

Full Disclosure, I’m one to put my money where my mouth is and I have made a pledge to this campaign.

Kaidan Screenshot_Abandoned Manor_Statue

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