The Solus Project Preview

With the Earth destroyed and only a few human survivors, it’s down to you to find your own ways to progress in this single player survival experience.

The Solus Project takes place on what seems like an uninhabited alien planet. You arrive here after unintentionally crash-landing while scouting the planet’s orbit. Your ship has gone, your crew are presumed dead and you have little to no contact with anyone. You really do feel isolated and alone as you venture out through the planet to survive.

The narrative begins when leaving your crashed escape pod as you try to come to terms with your surroundings. From there, your main objective is to find a way to contact the remaining human life and ultimately to survive. Apart from that, there are mini objectives that you can choose to have on which guide you through survival and which way is best to go. However, the option is there to also make it a complete hardcore survival game with no help, hints or guides if you want to challenge yourself.

So as mentioned before, the main feature of this game is survival and this is really evident in the game. There has been a real attention to detail that has gone into the mechanics of this game making the whole experience feel as realistic as it can be. Whether that be monitoring calories or crafting particular items together in order to survive. Whatever it is I feel that the developers have spent a lot of time refining these qualities and it really does make the game a whole lot better.

And it’s not just the survival aspects that are intricate, but also the environment. This is certainly the first game that I have seen with a tidal system that changes based on the position of the moon. In addition to the mechanics, the planet is visually striking in many ways too. On the surface, the planet is fairly vibrant with alien-like plants growing around the area. And then in contrast, when underground the textures are very sharp in the rocks and its detail. It’s things like this that really are a great selling point for this game and add to the mystery of where you are.

The controls I have to say are far more basic than I originally thought which could be a positive or negative depending on how you like to play. To put it simply you can move around, jump, interact with objects and then access your inventory. I personally warmed up to the simplicity as it allowed me to focus more on the survival aspect than anything else.

As part of the gameplay you are equipped with a machine that monitors everything you need to keep you alive. I thought this was a great aspect to the game as it enabled me to track what I should focus on when roaming the planet. The machine tracks the aspects that you would expect such as food and drink but it also contains others such as wind speed which could affect your temperature. Everything you do in the game has an affect on your character and I really enjoyed finding different ways of combating the negative effects.

Within the Solace Project lies a mystery. The more you play through the game, the more you realise how much there really is to explore and discover. There is much more to the game than you originally think and as you progress, you find yourself not being able to stop only to see what else can be found on the planet. I think the main thing that impressed me about this game is the mechanics and how crucial survival really is. As the game is only in its preview stages, this is definitely a game to look out for when it officially releases and something I look forward to playing all the way through.

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