Monster Hunter Generations Release Date Revealed

Monster Hunter X

The most recent Nintendo Direct had a couple of very interesting announcements and updates, including Monster Hunter Generations. It will be the Western version of the highly successful Monster Hunter X released in Japan last year. 

Monster Hunter X, which will be called Monster Hunter Generations when it is released in the West, in the summer. A listing on Amazon suggests the release date could be July 31.

It will be almost a year since the original release in Japan. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was released in the US after two years in Japan. Monster Hunter 4 also took two years to reach regions outside Japan with the upgraded version titled Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which was also released in Japan a few months prior to the US version. The quick turnaround this time will be due to the series increasing popularity and success. 

Those who have a save data of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have a few bonuses that are yet to be detailed.

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