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Plastiland is a different and unique puzzle-platformer. It is unlike anything you have seen visually speaking. That is because the entire game is made from clay. Everything in the game is modeled using real clay. There was no CGI involved at all. Each level and character was hand-made using clay. There are three worlds and 48 levels. Your job is to guide the plastiballs through each one.

Like I said before your main goal is to guide the plastiballs through each level. They come out of the starting point in each level and you have to guide them safely to the end of each level. It sounds a little too straight forward at first and kinda boring. Once you actually play the game you are in for a pleasant surprise. Each level is unique and different from the last. The finish line isn’t always easy to get to either. For example in one level there are multiple portals scattered in various parts of the level and not all of them lead to the finish line. Only one leads to the finish line and you have to figure out which portal will take the plastiballs to the finish line.

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The plastiballs are fragile as well. If they fall off a high ledge in  level they will not survive. In order to pass a level you have to get a certain number of plastiballs safely to the finish line. All is not lost though. At the start of each level you get a certain number of power ups to help you maneuver around each level and construct a path to the finish. Each level is truly unique. No level is exactly like the previous and set up in various ways. At first everything is pretty easy but as you keep playing the levels get more challenging.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of creativity in terms of being able to solve each level. There aren’t an unlimited amount of ways to solve each puzzle. As you keep playing there is only one way to solve each puzzle. I was surprised considering how creative each level was and the different kinds of power ups available. Having only one way to solve each puzzle was very frustrating. Once you do finally figure out how to solve the puzzle you really do not want to go back and replay the level. There really is no point in it because there isn’t a different way to solve the puzzle. That leaves replayability on the low side.

You can also unlock bonus worlds if you earn enough stars in previous levels. There are also three levels of completion in each stage. Each one will earn you a different number of stars depending on how many plastiballs make it to the finish line. I think the best part about Plastiland is the visuals. There is so much to love about them. The colors are so bold, vibrant and yet don’t clash. The environments and backgrounds are fun, very creative, charming and whimsical. The thing I looked forward to the most was seeing what the next level was going to look  like.

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It still feels like there is something missing from Plastilands. It wasn’t the type of game that made me want to play it all day. It more falls into the category of casual game play. The version I played was the PC version but the game is better suited for a touch screen device. The controls were easy and I liked the detailed tutorial explaining everything.  It isn’t the type of game I could play all day for a few reasons. One reason being that as you progress in the game there is only one solution for each level. At first it is fun to sit there and try to figure out what it is. But after a while it gets old and very irritating.

There also isn’t a breadth of content to the game. You would have to really be into it in order to want to play for hours on end. Plastiland is well polished, has great visuals, and is a creative game in many ways. I also liked that it is a game people of all ages can play as well. The fact that the entire game is made in clay is a feat in itself. It just adds a new depth to the visuals. Just having more variety in terms of gameplay and content would have pushed it over the top. At the end of the day Plastilands is an entertaining game that is worth a look.

Rating 8

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