A Complete Guide To All Land-Based Casinos In Germany


Craze of gambling in people is increasing by each passing day. Casino and gambling fans will be delighted to know that there are more than 70 casinos in Germany to choose from, with all of these spread all around the country. Most of the larger German cities at least consist of one casino. Most of these German Casinos are located in popular spa towns and resorts, and are indicated by the word “Bad”, (which essentially means bath and spa) placed before their name. Some examples are the Bad Wiessee, which is located on the shore of a famous lake, or the Casino Bad Ems, which dates back to 1720.

Gambling in the country first started flourishing back in the 18th Century. First casino, which opened there was Baden, and was active since 1765. Following this, a casino named Kurhaus Baden-Baden was built the architect Fredrih Weinbrenner, and was opened in 1824. In 1872, after Germany united, an act was established to close all the running German casinos. Afterwards, gambling was finally legalized by the government in 1933, and Baden-Bades was re-opened. Because of the war, it was closed once again in 1944, and its activity was renewed on 1st April, 1950. Casinos here have been working non-stop till today, and have made their place in the 10 best casinos, according to Forbes. Today, there are more than 70 land based casinos on Germany’s territory. While a part of them is owned by the government, rest of them belongs to private companies. Altogether, these German casinos are led and owned by around 20 enterprises.

Legal Regulation
Germany’s casino’s activity is being regulated by each land in a different way. It essentially means that each of the 16 existing land is able to give license and regulate the casinos activity in their own territory. Each of the land has their own different laws regarding the casinos. It also decides the limit of casinos that can be found on the territory of the given land. The supervising body, which regulates the gambling activities on German land is the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Laws regarding the casinos activity in the country are complicated, and have high expectation from the casino owner in respect of preventing illegal cash flow, and to protect their players. Moreover, players registration process is strict in German casinos. The casino employees have to go through trainings on a regular basis. In order to be able to play in the casino, a person must be 18 or older, while some casinos only allow people above 21 years of age. Big limits have also been put up on advertising. Moreover, Germany lifted the ban on online gambling activities recently, and casino operators with license can now offer online casino games. People, who wish to play from the comfort of their home can opt to play Automatenherz online casino games.

Look, Structure and Games
Look, feel, structure of each of the German casinos vary greatly. Some of these are classic palace structures, while others make use of modern steel and glass. A majority of these German Casinos offer classic casino table games such as Blackjack Punto Banco/Baccarat, Slots and Roulette. However, most of the German casinos do not offer much in terms of entertainment, and are strictly gambling oriented.

There are also several similarities in between these Casinos despite the German gambling law varying across the 16 states. In most of the German Casinos, it requires the individual to be at least 18, and he or she should be able to provide a valid photo ID to enter. Additionally, all the German Casinos are a no smoking area by law. However, there are measures and solutions for smokers provided by the German, for example, there are phone-booth-like smoking stalls available for the players right near the game tables. Opening hours and dress code vary, though mostly the table games are opened only after noon, while the slots are made available earlier.

If one is not able to physically go to a casino in order to play their favorite gambling games, they can opt for online casino games. To try these online games, people can search on the internet.

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