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Would you search our Solar System looking for a friend? Well that’s what our very own Moon’s journey entails. One day the Moon realises the Sun has disappeared. With no light in sight, it’s up to our brave Moon to venture through the galaxy to find the lost ball of fire. 6180 the moon named after how many seconds the original prototype took to create, brings puzzling-platforming action set in the intriguing backdrop of our galaxy. Already released on other systems is there enough to separate the Wii U version from its rivals? Or is it simply lost in space.

The obvious draw with the Wii U iteration is the consoles main selling point. Unlike others, here you use both TV and GamePad to navigate through levels. This is exclaimed on your first fall through the screen where the text reads “Yes, They are connected!”.  The idea of looking at two screens at the same time made me sceptical at first. Slightly tired on first play I found myself unable to concentrate on both screens, frequently forgetting about the other. With this in mind I decided to put the game down and return later. Better rested the tricky gimmick was much easier to adjust to making the puzzles even more interesting with original content exclusive to the Wii U. The gameplay between the two screens blends perfectly to create some hugely enjoyable levels.

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Meeting only a handful of characters or better said planets along the way, the charm of these planets comes single handily through the text language on-screen. Needing to be on point to not make the adventure seem drab, the encounters between the worlds are thankfully full of witty exchanges. One of my personal favorites was how the Moon used the flag on its body to identify itself. There is also a serious undertone to this as on meeting of our very own Earth he contemplates why he should care about his inhabitants when all they seem to do is destroy his lands. This deeper meaning of preserving the planet is something for us all to ponder.

The simplistic nature of the graphics are both bold and beautiful. Opting for only black and white helps to never distract from the end goal, This choice has also helped the GamePad graphics shine as comparisons between that and the TV screen are few and far between. Turtle Cream has done tremendously well trying to create an ambient sense to this space opera. The piano based music only enhances the surroundings and very rarely annoys.

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With five areas consisting of ten levels apiece the game’s length is possibly it’s only downfall. Beatable in less than 2 hours for more casual fans and even less for hardcore platformers, I was disappointed to learn I wouldn’t be visiting all planets in the Solar System. What were Uranus’s views on the Moon’s adventure? Something’s are probably best left to the imagination. Looking back upon completion the planets meetings make more sense and the length yet disappointing made a satisfying experience.

Through this adventure you’ll come to learn that Sun and Moon need one another, just like the GamePad and TV Screen. So often does the main attribute of the system get overlooked, yet Turtle Cream have blended the controls superbly to make them perfectly in sync. With new original content exclusive to the system, fantastic platforming action and alluring, ambient music the only drawback from this experience is its lack of length. As surprising as it sounds 6180 the moon’s transition to the Wii U is the most enjoyable making it the definitive version to date.

Rating 9

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