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Sora is the sequel to the Suguri series. Sora is about a young girl who was used for fighting. Her body was modified to fight in war because she showed potential. The war has been going on for so long that no one remembers what they are fighting for. Sora takes it upon herself to end the war because during the first mission she embarks on her enemy dies. Up until this point Sora doesn’t really know why they fight or why there is a war. Her enemy pretty much explains why they must fight during the first mission. Sora wanted them to just call a truce and end the fighting. Sora’s enemy explains that no they must fight to protect what is important to them no matter what it takes. Sora then realizes that it is this very line of thinking that causes wars to begin with.

Sora is basically a side scrolling, fast-paced, shooter game. You play as Sora and you are stuck with the task of fighting all sorts of weaponry alone. You are thrown into what looks like space or the sky alone. No massive army or anything to back you up. You do have all sorts of weapons and attacks at your disposal though. There is never a dull moment though in this game. Before you know it you are facing a barrage of enemy attacks such as missiles, lasers, and plasma fire. Sora has no armor to really protect her from the enemy attacks. She doesn’t have the luxury of firing from a spaceship or aircraft either.

Then again Sora doesn’t really need one once she starts firing back and launching her attacks. Like I said before there is never a dull moment in this game. You don’t really have time to think or strategize because attack after attack come your way. The best way to avoid any damage and get a minute to think is to dash out of the line of attack. I found dashing to be very useful and used it a lot. One of the drawbacks to using dash is that you can’t attack while you dash. It is either dash or attack.  Even though you pretty much have to stay still in order to attack Sora has tons of weapons to choose from.


You can equip three weapons at one time. When you use special attacks it forms a shield around Sora. You can also auto lock onto enemies which comes in handy big time. If not you are just randomly attacking and your attacks will miss the onslaught of enemies coming your way. There are also three game modes : Story, Arcade, and Match. In match mode you fight bosses that you previously defeated. In arcade mode you play through the stages you unlocked to get a high score. Story mode is pretty self explanatory. After each level you can save your replays too.

Sora features high resolution graphics that are a true visual delight. I think the characters having a anime style to them just adds to the story. I also loved all the bright colors as well. Not only do you see great use of color in the characters but in the battle sequences as well. You don’t get to see a lot of new scenery or backgrounds though. They pretty much stay the same. Adding the bright, neon colors in the fighting scenes helps to give the game some variety. The soundtrack is one of the best I have heard in a long time. It fits the game well and goes along with the action scenes. Most games nowadays don’t bother to give players an awesome soundtrack to listen to.  You can also buy the soundtrack separately and download it separately.


I found the controls to be a bit confusing. On the keyboard you use the arrows to move around but what gets a little confusing is what buttons to use for attacks and such. Another thing I liked about Sora was the tutorial. It doesn’t exactly explain what the controls are but it does a great job of explaining everything else. Sora isn’t an easy game either. It does take time and patience to beat each level. For me once I beat a level I didn’t want to go back and replay it just for fun. You can if you choose through one of the different game modes. Sora is very user friendly in that it isn’t so difficult that you want to break your computer playing it.

Anyone who loves action will like Sora. My only complaint about Sora is that I got bored after awhile. There wasn’t enough variety in each level. The gameplay  was pretty much the same in each level.  It was too straight-forward and you knew what to expect. There really was no element of surprise. I didn’t like that if you lose at any point in a level you have to restart it all over again. Besides that Sora has a lot going for it such as crisp graphics, an awesome soundtrack and fast-paced action. Sora is one side scrolling action game that is worth checking out. It may not be the best but still worth checking out.

Rating 7

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