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From Bearbox Media comes a quiz for all occasions, Only this one has a twist. With U Host you have the power and opportunity to show off your hosting skills The concept seem’s a genuinely great idea as millions of people (including myself) love a quiz night, whether that being going out to the local pub or having a night in with all your friends. With over 1000 questions packed into U Host, there is only one answer we want to know? Is it something you really what to show off at a party, Or is it something you hide in the back of the cupboard?

Now before you can even begin to think of taking part in U Host there are some frustrating control requirements. Yes it’s time to get your Wii remotes out of the attic and find half a dozen double AA batteries as you will be needing the use of Wii remotes or Wii U Pro Controllers to get the most enjoyment. How it works best is one person uses the Wii U GamePad to host the “gameshow” with every contestant needing one of there own controllers to buzz in and answer. So if you were thinking this is one of those games you could buy on a whim and jump straight right into, you’d be sadly mistaken.

Preparation is a must for this game night. In hindsight it really is a missed opportunity and frankly ridiculous that the Wii U GamePad is not the only necessity. Yes you can use it to support five players however it really makes the game awkward as participates then have to shout to buzz in with the host doing all the work having to pick who chimed in, what is their answer, are they sure about the answer they have chosen. It’s all a tedious process where no one has fun. So for those gamers that have only purchased the Wii U and not the Wii, you immediately feel alienate and punished for not spending more.

Moving on from the requirements, when you actually set up U Host you have a selection screen with options Start a Gameshow, Set up Gameshows, Quick-Start and Question Creator. The interface is all done by the stylus on the GamePad and is horrible to use. The sluggish nature makes the whole set-up slow to respond making the process senseless. This again applies to the actual gameplay as no matter who buzzes in to answer, the GamePad must be used to select the participants choice slowing down the overall feel.

The quiz itself is standard at best. You can expect all the normal categories like Geography and Science however Gaming is thrown in their to appeal more to the audience. Saying that with no mini games throughout and each round consisting of 25 questions and no way to tweak I was easily bored before the end of the first round. Imagery is minimal with the ability for the players to take photos of one another being the high point. Without the features of the GamePad which if anything hinder the controls, U Host feel’s seriously outdated and would be more appropriate on the Gamecube or Playstation.

Originally. planned for Q4 2015, Bearbox’s initial idea of adding content every month to bulk the game up whilst then slowly increasing the game price halted due to missing their release window. So because of this the add-on content has supposedly already being included. I say supposedly as the package you receive for purchasing U Host doesn’t seem that large. With only 10 categories apparent, It makes me wonder how much content would have actually made it here if the company actually made their initial deadline. I appreciate the customisation, however after a few rounds of quick start mode (which you are likely to play most) the categories started to dry up and I was begging for more variation.

The biggest draw I found was customisable questions. The ability to create your own questions for friends is a nice touch and can really help your quiz feel unique. Yet as previously stated the interface to set this all up is appalling and you can be put off from spending any more time here just for that reason alone.

U Host is a game intended for groups to have a fun night in – what it actually achieves is to alienate consumers. The shocking quality of the interface, with the setup all surrounded around hosting might be enough to make you think twice, but the price, content amount and controller requirements are more than enough to make you cancel quiz night altogether. Trivial Pursuit would be a smarter investment.

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