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If colourful cartoons and fun platform games are your thing, then you probably should check out the newest one to hit the PlayStation 4 store, called Bounce Rescue published by Bitecore. This game was originally a mobile app but it has been worked on and brought to console, and its a delightful addition to any PlayStation owner’s library, especially if you’re a fan of traditional platforming.

On booting up the game the graphics instantly remind me of the likes of classics such as Mario and Sonic, the blocky but pleasant 2D environments are brimming with bold colours and pleasing visuals. You can’t help but be charmed by it. You play as the Bounce Rescue! team who are on a mission to stop “The Evil Devil” from taking over the world. Unfortunately The Evil Devil has captured some members of the team – oh no – so it’s up to you to save them and save the world!

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The game plays very much like a classic platformer, sidescrolling across environments filled with enemies to kill with your trusty baseball bat (at least that’s what the weapon looked like to me – maybe it was just a pole, who knows) and plenty of deathly obstacles that you need to avoid, all the classics are here such as spike traps, moving ceilings, falling icicles, etc. There are 37 single player levels and each one is as fun and challenging to complete as the next. There are a number of different layouts – again, you will find all the classic tropes, a grassy green world (inventively named Greenland, not to be confused with the country), an ice/winter world (Snowland), a dark, underground world (Midnight) and a sand/desert world (Sandland). It’s not at all original but that doesn’t mean its no fun to play, because it really is.

For completing levels you get rewarded with stars depending how well you do. There are 3 levels of difficulty to choose from but even on the easiest the game offers a fair challenge, I didn’t dare try it (because I am a wuss) but the hardest difficulty will undoubtedly be a massive challenge only for the most hardy of gamers. Thanks to the amount of enemies and obstacles on-screen at any one time it is never an easy ride, it does get a little frustrating at times but it’s good that it’s not too easy.

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Once you’ve completed single player, it’s not over there. The game also has three multiplayer modes that you can play locally with up to three friends. These are classic modes, being Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Survive, that play just like many other multiplayer games of its type. All three pit you against your opponents on the same fixed screen, Deathmatch you have to take down your friends as many times as you can, in Capture the Flag you have to, well capture the flag and hold your base as long as possible, and survive, well you can imagine what you have to do there. It’s a bit of fun for a few minutes but it’s not the sort of multiplayer game that you can play for a long time. Still it’s a nice addition to the main game and offers a good option if you do want something to play with friends.

So overall then, Bounce Rescue is a neat little game. It’s not the longest or the most complex game in the world but it offers something that’s most important: good fun. Its charming and classic graphics are enough to charm anybody and the gameplay is solid. Sure your bouncy character takes a little getting used to, but bouncing is the name of the game and once you adjust it’s really fun. I can whole heartedly recommend it to anybody who is a fan of platforming games.

Challenge your friends in a 2-4 person multiplayer match and find out who is the best. Multiplayer modes include Capture The Flag, Survival and Deathmatch, as well as many different maps on all game modes.

Rating 7

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