The Bioshock Collection Rated By ESRB In America

Bioshock The Collection

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has recently posted their rating for the long-awaited Bioshock collection for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The collection has been rated and leaked several times in the past, and has been rumored to contain all three titles in the series as well as all available DLC. The ESRB description further reinforces this rumor as it states the game is “a collection of three first-person shooters in which players assume the role of characters uncovering the mysteries behind the dystopian societies of Rapture and Columbia.” However, the Bioshock collection is yet to be revealed by publisher 2K despite prior leaks and ratings released online, including the title’s box art.

For those who don’t know, Bioshock debuted in 2007 and saw gamers explore the dystopian depths of Rapture as they encountered a range of psychotic enemies, and altered their DNA gifting them with inhuman powers and abilities.

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