Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review

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If you are a fan of word games like Scrabble or Boggle and you are also a fan of side scrolling action games you might struggle to choose between the two. Well now you no longer have to pick one or the other. Thank you to LetterQuest, who has merged these two types of games together to bring one game that combines word-finding and action/adventure in one package. It sounds like a strange combination and really, it kind of is, but somehow it really works and Letter Quest is a great way to lose a few hours.

The game works by you making words from a grid of letters. Each letter has a score and the longer your word is or the more high scoring letters you use, the higher the overall score will be. The higher the score, the more damage you to do your opponent. So if you struggle to find any long words you may find that you don’t do much damage and end up getting your butt kicked by your opponent!

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Each level of Letter Quest can be played several times in different modes. The first is just the normal mode, you play through the level, defeating each enemy as you go through. You also collect gems which you can spend on upgrades and power ups. Once you have finished the level you’ll get one star, and you’ll also unlock the ability to play the different modes of the level to get the rest of the stars. There is a time trial mode, where you have to repeat the level but this time against the clock, and another “harder” mode, where the level is the same but the enemies have more HP so you have to work harder to defeat them. There is also a final mode that is even harder – enemies have double health and special abilities, for instance one I played the enemies did not take any damage unless I used corner letters from my grid of letters. This was quite challenging and needless to say I died very quickly! But it offers a great level of varying challenge and also adds a lot of replayability to the level. There is plenty to do in this game and it will definitely keep you busy for quite a long time.

The art style of Letter Quest is great. It’s nice 2D animations which are pleasant to look at, it’s nothing that is really innovative or unique but it works well with the game. The character and enemies designs are also great, some are pretty funny and it keeps the game entertaining. The music is ok but it gets a bit annoying after a while it grids on your nerves, so I ended up having to turn the volume of my television right down so I didn’t have to hear it. It doesn’t ruin the game though and I imagine some people will actually quite like it.

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All in all I can recommend Letter Quest. It’s something different and thanks to the premise of finding words it keeps your brain constantly challenged rather than just being a case of bashing buttons in order to carry out an attack. There is plenty of gameplay here thanks to all the game modes. If you’re not a fan of word games then it’s probably not for you but if you like your games to be a bit more intellectually stimulating then its certainly worth a try.

Rating 7

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