Aegis of Earth Protonovus Assault Review

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I found Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault as an interesting game and not just from the unique name alone. I say that even though I had to google two of the words in this game’s name to understand the meaning of it; one of them being a word and the other not so much. Playing through the game I still enjoyed it for what it was trying to do, it is an anime game that has inspiration from a lot of games I’m a fan of while trying to become a fun game; I can’t hate it for that.

The game itself takes place fifty years after the event called ‘The Silent Apocalypse’, this event created creatures that brought destruction to wherever they are on Earth. In the last fifty years these creatures have already wiped out a big piece of humanity’s population. It isn’t all darkness though, the event also created a new element called ‘Altenite’ that could be used to fight these creatures, it is also a symbol of humanity’s last hope for survival.

With a new government formed, city states were also born to help protect civilians. Each City states has its own set of weapons that are controlled by a small military staff. In the game you take control of a faceless commander, you just recently became the new commander of a city-state in Australia called ‘Kimberly’. The game is pretty much revolved around completing strikes and the cast of characters you have on your crew. As you get deeper into the game size of your crew and city-state population will increase, as well as the amount of city states you can manage.

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The game plays like a tower defense game at the front, but it also has some SRPG aspects in the background. As you do strikes on enemies in the game you get to level up your commander rank which gives bonuses for you to improve your base; many characters and objects in the game also level up inside and outside of strikes. The city-state you protect in the game is a giant circular piece of land, which is split into four zones.

You can fill that land with weapons ranging from canons, gatling guns missiles and many other kind of weapons that could be unlocked later in the game. Although it’s not just limited to weapons, you can also fill the space with buildings that keeps your population happy; like a recreational park or mall. All these are built in zones one to three, while in zone four you can build barricades to stop enemies from coming into the city. In the very middle is the command center where your team is set up, it is the very core of the city and if that’s destroyed then it’s game over. Now you see why you need the big ass weapons. In some way this game is like a post apocalyptic anime SimCity in from that description.

Personally I saw a lot of inspiration—game mechanics wise—from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. I say that n a way you’re building out a base while also getting R&D to develop offensive and defensive weapons to make the game easier for the user. I also see minor inspiration from Valkyria Chronicles 2, Persona 4 Golden and some other niche games I see in Aegis of Earth.

The main game is mostly strikes on enemies, but there are also requests that you can do for a big monetary reward. Requests don’t come up that often but you can a strike anytime you want. the only real difference is in how much money you get. Like any game it’s not just filled up with minor enemies, the time to get worried is when a boss shows. Bosses only show up when a gauge on your HUD get’s to a really high point, when the user defeats a boss the gauge goes back to zero and you can relax; until next time anyway.

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In the game you can move zones one to four when enemies are coming at every, not all city-state has a weapon at every point. If you did then this would a way easier game to beat. Moving the zones to where the enemy is in place is one of the many aspects of Aegis of Earth’s gameplay. The graphics of this game is one of the main things I dislike about this game, graphically speaking it looks like PS2 game. It takes me out of the experience when playing the game.

I don’t usually play Japanese games with the English dub, but with this game that option wasn’t available. As someone who doesn’t really like a English voice cast in anything that is a Japanese product, this English voice cast were pretty good. I really didn’t mind hearing them talk and not reading the text like I normally do with any Japanese game I play. As far as replay value goes this whole game is a very repetitive game that get’s boring real quick after the fifth strike.

I don’t really think that Aegis of Earth: Protonovus is a good game but at the same time it’s not a bad game either. It’s just an OK game that I got some enjoyment out of, but it also had a lot of potential of being a great one. It’s really hard for me to recommend this game to anyone I know or anyone reading this. If you’re not someone who loves anime then don’t even bother picking it up, you will hate this game. I don’t honestly think it’s worth your time, but if the developer ever come back to this idea and executes it better I would be interested to play that game.

Rating 6

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