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Vortex Attack is an action, indie archer shooter where up to three players can resume control of a space ship. The game was both published and developed by KaleidoGames where the game got the initial steam release of May 2015. Vortex Attack will remind older veterans of the arcade shooter genre of games such as Space Invaders, Galaga and Raiden. The plot of this game is to complete levels by destroying the vortex, each enemy killed drops lumergy; Which is a resource used to destroy the vortex itself.

The game itself provides tons of variety in the enemies encountered and how players choose to play the game. With 11 ships to choose and unlock from, Vortex Attack gives plenty of replayability and upgrades which does the predecessors proud. KaleidoGames regularly hosts tournaments through steam and Fairs to encourage competitive players to compete for leaderboard rankings and high scores. Vortex Attack delivers on content, gameplay and replayability. However, more experienced players will find the slow pace of the beginning of the game tedious. The game encourages multiple play through for hours on end without the option to skip the first few sections which serve to warm up and to accommodate beginners to the game.

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The gameplay depends on how the player chooses to play the game through which ship is selected and what abilities are picked up from fallen enemies. Each ship delivers different statistics and options, for example the faster ships often come with lower health and less bullet damage while the slower ships have more bombs. Higher health and slower rate first with high damage. KaleidoGames has designed this game to accommodate a variety of players whether new or experienced. Vortex Attack primes itself with enormous on-screen action as players shoot an endless wave of enemies until enough lumergy has been collected to destroy the vortex and thus complete the level. The gameplay overall is addictive, simple and enjoyable because of the basic controls and variation of abilities which can increase bullet damage or provide shields. All while dodging the hundreds of bullets.

While the game has only one game mode, this due to the classic arcade vibe KaleidoGames has designed the game around. It has hundreds of levels with a variety of bosses and bonuses that can impact the gameplay. However, while the gameplay has lots of content and a single mode designed around repetition; The lack of options to begin further into the game leaves a disappointing and jarring experience when repeatedly experiencing the first few sections of the game. The first sections (chapters) of the game does not fully entice or justify the intense gameplay until players delve further into the game.

Vortex Attack is a visually stunning game that delivers on graphics and is reminiscent of older arcade games. With graphics that blend both basic geometric shapes with modern colours and effects, KaleidoGames adds visually pleasing graphics with sounds that also compliment the contemporary take of retro games.

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Like Galaga or Space Invaders, the game becomes progressively more difficult as the player’s progress through the sectors and defeat the bosses. The difficult curve leads newer players nicely into the core of the games hectic experience while later sectors will continue to challenge the more experienced players even after several hours of the game. With multiple friends, the game becomes more fun and adds an element of completion while giving the game longevity.

In conclusion Vortex Attack is well worth the entry fee as it provides hours’ worth of gameplay and playability with the in-game unlockable ships and the variety of gameplay each one provides. With visually pleasing graphics and sound, veterans will enjoy the nostalgic value the game. However, more experienced players may find the first few sectors tediously slow and lack-lusting on multiple plays. Vortex Attack provides challenging and fun gameplay with an arcade mode that relies on repetition but delivers on replayability.

Rating 7

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