Assassin’s creed 2 – Why it’s still the best game in the series.

Assassin’s creed 2

Assassins creed has been a series of ebbs and flows. From the humble beginnings of the first Assassins creed to the grandiose nature of the latest entry in the series; Assassins Creed Syndicate, this long running series has never failed to intrigue me with the varied locations it took me to. Visiting such locations as Damascus, Italy, America and recently 19th Century London. Each area bought new locales, new mechanics and a new assassin to control. However, none have excited me more than 15th century Italy.

I remember watching the first cinematic trailer for the game. I had recently dabbled in the previous Assassins creed title and thought I should go back to complete it before going in to the next game. It is safe to say that this game already looked as if it was going to be a giant leap from the first. The trailer began with a beautiful snapshot of 15th century Venice, it appeared to be a bright, extremely aesthetically pleasing and interesting game right of the bat. As the trailer went on and the Assassin, who would later to be revealed to be Ezio, was revealed, i knew this game would be different. Assassins creed 2, in my opinion, truly utilized the (at the time) next-gen hardware of the Xbox 360 and the PS3. From its stunning built up city scape; to its engaging gameplay, the game never failed to impress and bemuse me at every turn. I was excited every time I loaded into the world to see where the story would take me next as for me the story has always been the second biggest attraction of the series.

The best part for me was the location it bought me to. This wasn’t a location like any other game I had played. Most games at the time; like Call of Duty, Splinter cell and Battlefield took you to either modern-day or futuristic dystopian worlds with harsh environments and dark colour pallets. However, Assassins creed 2 broke this convention by taking the player back in time to a beautiful city. The world felt lived in and expansive. i felt as if there were no limits to what i could do or what i may find. The wide open eccentric Piazza’s coupled with the tight meandering streets of the poorer districts really added to the gameplay and kept it interesting. Although I never fully appreciated how much of the city I had taken in until I visited Venice later that year and began seeing familiar places. It really leant some perspective into the work Ubisoft had put in to fully realise the city that they had created.

The gameplay. now the gameplay has never been amazing in Assassin creed games, its seemed to always be second to the look of the game. However, assassins creed 2’s gameplay felt like a monumental leap from the first game. No more repetitive missions where you had to listen, steal and follow multiple people for one underwhelming assassination at the end. The gameplay in this one was far more varied and open. Its surprises, such as the Da’Vinci’s paraglider sequence, really kept the game feeling fresh and exciting. ill never forget how awesome it felt to leap of faith of the tallest building, or to find an interesting way to kill my target. To me, the gameplay of Assassins creed 2 was just right for the time and really helped push the series forward into what it has become today.

Although no game in the series has kept me quite as interested as the second, I cannot say i haven’t enjoyed playing the instalments that came after. Some people say that the yearly release has bought the series down and made it less innovative. But i still enjoy seeing where the series goes each year and playing through the story that has kept me interested since the beginning.

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