Counter-Strike and BitCoin Betting – A Perfect Mix for Thrill and Excitement


E-Sports are a fascinating domain with plenty of alternatives for anyone who desires to enjoy video games being played on an incredible level. In this field, professional players dedicate themselves to their E-Sports of choosing and hone their skills to perfection, which is why people can watch them in tournaments and matches playing a wide range of different genres. Here, there are driving games, fighting games, sports simulations, MMO, strategies and first-person shooters as some of the most popular genres in the same domain. However, when individual games are observed, some of these have attained a status that is practically unparalleled in their genres. For the genre of first-person shooters or FPS, there a game that is simply without any competition and this game is called Counter-Strike. As an E-Sport, there is no other FPS that can match its popularity, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose to bet on Counter-Strike matches using BitCoin. Here are the key facts about this fascinating E-Sport and the reasons behind its stunning popularity.

Humble Origins 

The popularity of Counter-Strike, which is often called simply CS, is even more incredible when it is considered how the game came about. Made by two game developers in 1999 as a modification of the game Half-Life, CS had very humble beginnings as a simple multiplayer-only shooter. In it, the players were expected to choose one of two sides and play either as a part of the terrorist or the counter-terrorist team. Each team would be given a special task, like protecting a VIP, setting a bomb or rescuing hostages and the game would commence. In 2000, the game was acquired by Valve, the same company that created Half-Life and it began to spread through word of mouth. Thanks to its quick gameplay, realistic weapons, and an almost perfect gameplay mechanism, it first became a sleeper hit and then a global phenomenon. It took only a couple of short years until it became one of the staples of competitive video gaming.

The CS Effect on E-Sports

Today, the game is continuously upgraded with new and streamlined releases. In 2016, one of the most popular is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and it is used as a basis of tournaments like the DreamHack Masters, which are events that bring the best players from around the globe to a single showdown. The players who professionally compete in CS became celebrities in the domain of E-Sports. To understand how big CS got, it is enough to look at nations like Sweden, from where several top players came about: currently, over $2.7 million went to Swedish nationals who won different tournaments over the past years. Naturally, the popularity of the E-Sport is fuelled by a dedicated network of fan websites, streaming portals, and other media that diligently cover and broadcasts these tournaments, both those taking place online and those in physical locations.

Getting into Counter-Strike as an E-Sport

The appeal of Counter-Strike is strong and easily understandable. Watching matches is like watching an incredible action film from the first person perspective, mixed in with all the thrills of a sports competition. Here, a huge number of people choose each day to bet on CS using BitCoin and make the same matches even more exciting. There are several important benefits that come from using this digital currency. First of all, the nature of BitCoin allows users to place very small bets and do this with exceedingly small fees or sometimes without any fees whatsoever.

This provides anyone who wants to bet using BTC with the freedom to decide how much they are willing to wager. Secondly, BitCoin transactions are completely anonymous, which is another advantage of this cryptocurrency that many cherish. Because of the decentralized nature of the BitCoin network, which operates on the peer-to-peer principle, there is no national legislation or regulation that might make betting cumbersome or problematic. At the same time, the network security does a great job in protecting and verifying each and every transition of BitCoin, so that there is virtually no chance of fraud, data theft or any other issue for the users.

Thanks to all of these advantages, it is clear that betting using BitCoin can make the exciting world of Counter-Strike E-Sports even more incredible for all those who wish to experience and enjoy it.

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