Brashcast: Episode 60 – The PS4 Neo can do one!

neoLiam still hates the idea of a PS4 Neo, and the more details he hears, the more Ross tends to agree. Are Sony that keen to shoot themselves in the foot? Who knows? Perhaps all that success has gone to their head……it has certainly happened before, PS3 launch – cough, Xbox One launch – cough! Oh, and before the moaning stops, there is a bit of time put aside for Amazon’s bizarre, money hungry decision to lock video game sales behind Amazon Prime……what the fu*k!

It’s not all bitching and moaning though – there is excitement at the prospect of a new Red Dead, potential interest in a new Borderlands, some JRPG love, playing Dark Souls 3 with your butt and, wait, what? Love for Too Human? Yeah, that happens.

All this, and as always, so much more.

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