Brashcast: Episode 61 – The Good News About the NX Release Date


After plenty of moaning in recent episodes, episode 61 is all sunshine and lollipops…..well, mostly anyway.

Liam and Ross discuss the positive aspects of the Nintendo NX’s move to 2017, the complete lack of surprise at the subsequent Zelda Wii U (NX) delay and the potential impact of a cross platform Pokemon game.

Ross waxes lyrical about Card Hunters (look it up), Liam proclaims his love for Quantum Break and    there is some time spent discussing the demo for the upcoming, Nioh……which we have since spent more time with and can confirm its apparent awesomeness.

Closing out the show is a look at the language of video games and some of the most memorable sound bites in video game industry – complete with awesome sound effects (thanks Ross!).

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