The Golden Era of Video Game Console Sales is Over

Online RouletteNot by a far margin. Undoubtedly there has been an unprecedented rise in mobile gaming. This rise has impacted negatively on traditional gaming methods such as game consoles and even land-based casinos. Mobile gaming offers features that are cannot be integrated onto fixed gaming devices using current tech. The biggest attraction to mobile games is the “mobile” aspect of the games. Mobile based games offer unparalleled convenience; you can enjoy your favourite game while commuting or during an extended toilet break on online pokies site.

It cannot be denied that sales in the latest game consoles are significantly less than their predecessors. Microsoft sold nearly twice as many Xbox 360 units as they have sold for Xbox One in the same period of time. Even land-based casinos are reporting less and less business as the online mobile gambling industry continues to grow.

One of the main reasons for the demise in appeal of fixed gaming units is the expense attached to the gaming. This applies to both Amusement with Prizes games and purely amusement games. With Land-based casinos the expense is in the travelling and the games cost slightly more than online. Newer game consoles cost more but do not offer that much improvement in terms of gaming quality.

Yet regardless of all these aspects there are still large numbers of people who are buying the latest game consoles and still visiting land-based casinos. This is simply because the mobile gaming cannot provide the same experience that fixed gaming can provide. The day is already upon us when fixed gaming will provide a new, unique and improved gaming experience.

Virtual reality (VR) gaming is right on our doorsteps. Most major tech companies are developing a VR unit. Virtual reality will drive up sales of game consoles but unfortunately it may also be the final nail on the coffin for land-based casinos. Online casino games have been tested on the Oculus Rift and will soon be available to the online gambling public.

When game consoles provide a new gaming experience that cannot be duplicated or improved on mobile devices sales will increase. However, with the rate of technological advancement that season may be very short lived.

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