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Life Goes On: Done to Death is a puzzle game developed and published by Infinite Monkey Entertainment. It tells the player all about a knight’s life, from sacrifice to victory, but in a unique way. Showing the player just how disposable a king can find his army, the knights are forced to embark on a fatal quest as they scour the lands in search of the Cup of Life, which the king will use to become immortal. While your natural gamer instinct is to live, I say, LIVE, the only way to the goal is the opposite. And so, the story begins, with knights sacrificing themselves for their selfish king.

The game is ghoulish fun, from the start screen to the end result. It begins as you watch the cartoon knights stand before their leader, just before he sends them off on the quest. They look terrified and stumble their way through the portal, before landing on deathly spikes, forcing you to summon another knight to take the previous ones place. You must be smart about your placement of the knights when they die, so that the next knight can use their lifeless body to launch themselves closer to the end goal. The challenge is not so much the sacrificing or the placement, but whether you can do it in what the game knows you can do it in, such as within a time limit and how many knights you can use. This should cause you to do a level multiple times, at least until you get the hang of the game, because you will need the first one just to get your bearings as you traverse the level.
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Dark humour dominates this game, from the comedic story to the way the knights die. My personal favourite thing about the game is the way it displays the knights name at the bottom as you control them, and then scribbles over their name when they die. Some of the time, the knights have their names scribbled out so quickly, you will not even have time to read it. However, the last knight of the level lives on, and goes on to the next level, where they quickly meet their fate. Their names are humorous, and there is no discrimination in this game, you will see all sorts of names come up, from Duchess Dollie to Titus Boulay the Fourth.

The puzzles themselves get more difficult at a nice, consistent pace, instead of having a sudden difficulty spike. I watched my 9 year old sister play it after I did and she enjoyed it just as much as me. Granted, the puzzles were a bit too difficult for her as they introduced more factors, but overall, she seemed to think it was great fun.

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Life Goes On: Done to Death has beautifully crafted levels and an enjoyable soundtrack, both in terms of the music and the screams of those you sacrifice coming out the dualshock 4. All the different factors in the levels, that come together to create the challenge, all add to the fun, forcing you to think hard and fast. This game has it all, interesting levels, a great boss fight and a furry lurker on every level who is just waiting to eat you u- I mean, be your friend.

Overall, this game is a must buy if you are looking for an entertaining puzzler. With puzzles and fun galore, you will have a lot of fun sacrificing the knights for their king in search of immortality, and hearing their dying screams as you gleefully add another name to the roster of dead knights.

Rating 8

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