Awesome Card Table Games For Your PC


In today’s age of modern technology, of social media and Netflix television shows that are endless, we still find ourselves bored to our wits at times. Reading a book you have sworn to read a year ago might be the first thing to cross your mind. Or strolling in the park while walking your little furry friends. Or even better, you think, going to the cinema for an old school movie and some classic cheese popcorn and soda.

The internet has afforded us many things to do that are virtually impossible perhaps ten or twenty years ago. Mobile phones are getting slimmer every year. There are more things you can now get delivered straight to your doorsteps. Did you know there are companies now who specialize in providing you and delivering tampons and alcohol? See. That, my friend, is the unstoppable power of the Internet. In just a few taps here and clicks there, you can almost always do anything you have in mind.

Say you find yourself wanting to play some online games at home, perhaps you think, “Today I want to play online blackjack for free.” Gone are the days when you would need to book a flight to Las Vegas, dress up, and endure a tormenting and horrible traffic. The internet, like what was said earlier, is a force to reckon. Today, you can now play your favorite casino games in the comfort of your own home. All you need is your personal computer and a reliable Internet connection, then you are good. No need to put a tie on or book an expensive flight to Vegas. You can have the same gaming experience while playing in your own living room, or your bedroom, or your patio. Just bring your laptop with you and you are all set.

Today we are going to provide you some awesome card table games that you can start playing today.



Among the many card table games that are played whether in casino or online, Poker still sits at the number one spot of the most played games. Some people would say that the goal of poker is to just win the most money. Simply, you play to win money. Other people, on the other hand, would tell you that the reason they play poker is, well, they just happen to like the game.

We can possibly agree on one thing: poker is fun. Some players love to play poker for the reason that it is good for their social life. They get to meet other people and set the gaming atmosphere to just friendly yet competitive feel.

By playing poker online, you still have the freedom to mingle with your co-players. Using the chat function, you can break the ice by starting a conversation and throw in some jokes. These players, however, can be anywhere in the world. They can be in Vietnam, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. The possibility of finding a friend from a completely different background and culture is rewarding. But the money you get from winning in poker is just the same rewarding.


Following in at the number two spot of the most popular card table games is blackjack. The reason behind it is because of its simplicity. It is easier to understand by more people than poker with its rules and all. It is also popular and well-played by many players because it gives an impression that you, the player, have total control of the game’s outcome, when it fact, you do not. The rules are easy to learn but should you want to become really, really good at it, it would take years of practice. The act of counting the cards to favor in your advantage, to somehow alter the ending of the game, is called card counting. And if you have not seen the movie 21 featuring Kevin Spacey and Jim Sturgess, I suggest you watch it now. Who knows, you might have an actual shot at card counting!

Playing Blackjack in your personal computer will prove to be really entertaining for you. Although your dealer would not be in front of you physically, but beating your online dealer would feel just as awesome.


At number three, we have roulette. Yes, true to its name, it is actually a table game that has a spinning wheel. In physical casinos, you can see a lot of people standing by a roulette game, cheering and yelling. Even those people who would not bet or play could not help but watch a game or two because of the excitement it gives to its players.

The game is too easy to learn, even someone with zero knowledge of roulette can just drive up to a casino nearby, and play roulette without hesitation and fear. Another thing that makes roulette really popular is the wheel itself. Adding to the excitement and drama of playing for money, the wheel and the ball would surely make you want to yell. Remember, that hundreds of dollars is on the line. Imagine winning that. Imagine that your fortune, or misfortune that is, lies and solely dependent on the outcome of that little ball in the spinning wheel. It gives you an excitement and thrill that are completely different from Blackjack and Poker.

If Poker is a social game, like what was written before, imagine roulette. In roulette, you do not have enemies. Basically everyone can bet on the same thing. There are no opposite sides. That is why roulette is gets more fun if played by more players.

These are just some of the fun card and table games that we recommend you start playing today on your personal computer. Online casino games can take your mind off things especially when you have a lot of time in your hands. Have you recently downloaded or played a card or table game? Did you think the experience live up to the hype? Tell us in the comments section so we can convince those who are still in doubt why online gaming is the next big thing!

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