Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Collectors Edition Review


A very long time ago, I only owned just an Xbox 360 but the temptation to buy a PS3 grew as each month passed. The exclusives PlayStation had, reached an all time high and my floodgates burst and I could no longer contain myself. I bought my PS3 on the way back from a road trip with my girlfriend after we’d been talking all weekend about playing Uncharted (as well as all the God of War games). The second we started playing Uncharted with the charismatic protagonist Nathan Drake (who we have now named our big ginger cat after) we we’re hooked, the gameplay, exploration and in-depth story line had us on the edge of our seats. The game series is just incredible and after all three had been completed we yearned for more but sadly we thought that was it..

My experience was so strong with the PS3 especially with the final release title The Last of Us (another Naughty Dog game) which was incredible, lead me to make my decision in buying a PS4. Then the odd faint rumour filled the air, nothing confirmed or denied but the rumour mill was in full flow filling the gaming community with hope, excitement and intrigue. The rumours slowly manifested themselves into reality and screenshots, trailers and expertly worded media from Naughty Dog made our expectations grow.


I booked time off work, preordered my collectors edition and counted down the days to the release date which was sadly pushed back a month but finally it arrived. I was pretty much waiting for Game to open that morning before the employees had even got out of bed, when they arrived however I don’t think they knew whether to let me in or phone Crisis. Luckily they let me in and they even presented me with a limited to five thousand print of the steel-tin cover art which we are planning to frame. I strolled (ran, maybe skipped) out extremely happy and couldn’t wait to dive straight into the game. After pulling the twelve-inch statue out, throwing the disc in, I was only hampered by the nearly six gigabyte day one patch.

However.. When I eventually started playing my jaw hit the ground, the graphics, vistas, gameplay and the early life of Nathan Drake played out in this incredible story driven game that had me gripped. I couldn’t stop playing and we sunk hours and hours into it, exploring every nook and cranny for treasure which litters the levels (we are slightly obsessive). Solving intricate well designed puzzles, collecting journal entries and being made to jump when catastrophic events came out of no where in only a way Uncharted games can. It’s one of the first games recently (except Witcher 3 which I played on PC) that literally made me say aloud “Wow”, the breath-taking landscapes and backdrops in almost every location/level are staggeringly beautiful. I could and have just stood, watching in sheer amazement at certain bits in this game. You also flow seamlessly from in-game cinematic’s to playable activities, the graphics never faulting. One of the games newest mechanics and features is the grappling hook, unseen in the previous titles but it really opens up the levels. You can climb higher and swing great distances which means some of the levels are huge. Talking of huge, vehicles are now in the game allowing you to transverse some extremely impressive open world terrain.


In my opinion this game is one of the best graphical and story driven games I have ever played on the PS4 and although sadly the last game in the Uncharted series, it leaves the franchise on a fantastic high. I can’t really find a flaw with this game at all, it does however feature a multiplayer mode that although is mildly fun for a while it isn’t really for me, I got bored with it quite quickly sadly. There isn’t a levelling system you just play a selection of game modes like death match, capture the idol (like flag) and a king of the hill. I played a few games, bought a few skins and boosts but it didn’t really captivate me at all.

Overall Uncharted 4, A Thief’s End scores 10/10 because what Naughty Dog can achieve in a game is mind-blowing, I couldn’t put the game down from start to finish. The story was so thrilling and captivating I wanted to keep playing and when I had to turn it off, it was all I could think about. Even after completing the game going back to mop up certain bits we’d missed and getting more trophies wasn’t laborious because the game is so enjoyable it didn’t feel like a chore. I honestly can’t wait for what the developers have planned, maybe Last of Us 2 or the ever rumoured and elusive Crash Bandicoot sequel!

Rating 10

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