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In the four years I have owned a PSVita I’ve played a lot of games on this lovable handheld, even the strange ones I will admit. Playing Super Blackout was an interesting experience since I’ve never played the original game that Super Blackout is base on. Discovering what exactly ‘Lights Out’ is I can see the comparison between it and Super Blackout. In Super Blackout I see a variation on ‘Lights Out’, which is a first in my experience with this PlayStation handheld.

Super Blackout is one of those games that is just one hundred percent gameplay, so if you’re one of those people who only plays game for story then this game is probably not for you. A normal level in Super Blackout consists of a six by six grid of lights, each level has its own random patterns of lights. The goal of the game is to turn all the lights off in a standard level. Beating the level in the least amount of moves is a way to brag everyone, well that’s for people who love the thrill of being challenged. That sounds pretty easy I bet, well you would be wrong. Turning off one light in a level turns on the adjacent lights, which makes the game more difficult as the player get’s into the harder light patterns.

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The first game mode you can start playing with in Super Blackout is the main level campaign. The developer let’s you play with up to ninety level in the main level campaign, now it’s up to you and your brain to figure out how to actually solve them. Another mode to play around with is the ‘Random Level’ mode, by the name alone one can figure out what’s in store for you in that game mode. Lastly but not least is the level editor for the players who are more on the creative side and want to create a level that will make their friends scratch their heads.

When it comes to touch games that comes to PSVita, I dislike it when the developer leaves their games touch control accessible only and doesn’t optimize the controls for the buttons on PSVita. I know sometimes that this is impossible for some games but for a simple game like this I’m glad that this isn’t the case. There are times when a developer goes the extra mile and allows players to have a choice; I applaud those developers and thankful for the hoops they jump through to make it possible.

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One negative I have with the game is the audio, the music is pretty annoying in my opinion; I appreciate that there is an option to turn the music off. Even though the music could be turned off, an annoying beep can still be heard when you’re moving the selector or turning off any lights in the game. Super Blackout does not really gives you a lot replay value, you can go back and beat the level but there is no incentive in doing that.
Difficulty is the one thing that Super Blackout does right, I’ve already mentioned that there is ninety main levels to complete. These levels are all split into difficulty categories. You start the game with thirty easy levels to get a feel for the game, then you get into the thirty normal levels to get use to the game and finally the last thirty levels; also known as the really hard levels that really challenge your brain.

Super Blackout as a whole is not a very big package, it personally took me a day to start and finish the game; this includes getting all the trophies. Super Blackout is an interesting game to play and a hard game to recommend. If you like solving puzzles and never played ‘Lights Out’ before then I would recommend playing this game. Although if you played ‘Lights Out’ before then Super Blackout to you will be a packaged version of ‘Lights Out’ but with trophies. If you’re in neither of these camps then you’ll probably hate this game. I honestly think that Super Blackout is an OK game, it did what it needed to do and went beyond that at some points but not enough for me to think differently of it.

Rating 6

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