Only The Original Dead Island Will Be On Disc In The Dead Island Definitive Edition For PS4

Dead Island is slated to debut on PS4, and Xbox One on May 31st, although the PS4 counterpart of the title will only include the original Dead Island on disc whilst its sequel Dead Island Riptide will only be available via a separate download on PS4, whilst the title’s Xbox One counterpart will contain both titles on disc.

The title’s publisher stated on Twitter “We could’ve worded that better,”  “You need a separate menu, you can’t just put two games on disc the same way as on XB1.”

The Dead island Definitive Collection is slated to debut on Xbox One and PS4, on May 31st  and will see gamers travel to the infected shores of Banoi, in which players will gain access to several unique characters each possessing their own abilities and specialties, as they battle the islands undead hordes, and attempt to escape with their lives.

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