The best online games for summer 2016

Once again summer is looking to provide us all with some great gaming entertainment. And it’s the online gaming realm that’s really excelled itself with high-profile multiplayer games and interesting online casino creations that look to keep us stuck to our screens for the remainder of the summer months!


One game that’s really captured the headlines in the past few weeks is Overwatch. This multiplayer battle game from Blizzard was released last month for PS4, Xbox One and Windows and has already received a phenomenal amount of praise from some surprising places for its fiendishly enjoyable combat options. Although its storyline is negligible, the sheer array of fully-developed characters and multiplayer options has meant that it could be the first truly iconic game of 2016.

But it’s away from the consoles that things are really heating up in the online gaming world, as it’s relatively simple games like Ketchapp Basketball for iOS and Android devices that have revealed that convenience is still king in the online games arena.

And whilst Ketchapp Basketball has become a big hit through its easy-to-use swipe mechanisms, the casino games available online at Coral have managed to provide many more cerebral challenges for gamers who attempt to figure out the odds of their big win on Coral’s mobile-friendly slots, roulette and blackjack games.

Geometry Dash

Although the online casino craze may have caught many people by surprise, it’s nothing compared to the retro charms of games like Geometry Dash that continue to show that even the most simple game can become a world-beater thanks to the public’s thirst for games that can be understood in just a matter of seconds.

Despite the simple fun of these games, there’s plenty more strategic entertainment out there this summer, as games like Plague Inc, Defend the Planet and Dictator: Outbreak for Android and iOS devices have shown that we can make powerful, yet amusing decisions to affect the fate of the planet from the convenience of our smartphones.

And even if playing God wasn’t enough for you, then getting in on the latest Euro 16 football action has been made a whole lot more fun thanks to the Pixel Cup Soccer 16 game. Although its graphics are fairly chunky and the overall gameplay definitely feels a little retro, it’s got enough charm to show that, just the online casino games, sometimes the oldest games are the best!

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