Top 10 Turn based RPGs that are NOT Final fantasy

Ok, so a few rules apply to these top 10 articles. Only one game per series for a start number two this is MY top 10 some classics might have passed me by and I have never played them if this is the case give me a heads up and I will be sure to check them out.

Grandia 2

10. Grandia 2

Grandia 2 was first originally released for the Dreamcast way back in 2001 in Europe. It was then later ported to the PlayStation 2 in 2002 and last year it was finally remastered and released on steam. Grandia 2a strongest point was the gameplay or specifically the battle system. It was all in real time and you could cancel out attacks by timing your hit on the enemy as they go to attack you also the fact you had to move towards your enemy rather than just standing there and hitting them created a real strategic aspect of the game. Its huge leaps in difficulty at bosses and rather gripping story make this a must play for any fans of JRPGS. This was recently released on Steam as a HD remaster and I actually reviewed it.

Shadow Hearts

9. Shadow Hearts

Shadow Hearts was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2001 and despite receiving poor reviews it sold well. It wasn’t the cleanest game I’ve ever played and yes it has a few flaws but if you can see past them what you get is an love story you would never expect and with multiple endings and many secrets to uncover its defiantly worth a play. Also there was a PlayStation one prequel for this game called kodelka… no it’s not as good.

South Park the Stick of Truth

8. South Park the Stick of Truth

This turn based RPG really surprised me. I’m a massive South Park fan and when I found out this game was coming out I feared it was going to be terrible. However it’s not, it stays true to the shows roots has its own hilarious antics with a script that was done by the creators matt and Parker. It made me laugh out loud on more than a few occasions.

Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer’s call

7. Shin Megami Tensei Lucifer’s call

Who doesn’t love a game where Dante from Devil may cry makes a cameo appearance? My first game in the Shin Megami Tensei series and since I’ve played them all. Think Pokémon crossed with persona and you have got yourself a cracking game with a dark sinister environment and a rocking soundtrack. With the ability to fuse demons which you can then fight with side by side it was an awesome experience I will never forget.

Parasite eve

6. Parasite eve

Parasite Eve is a survival Horror turned based RPG. The game was originally released in 1998 and was pretty well received. It’s very much like a turn based old school resident evil so if you’re into that kind of stuff check it out. Another Game I hope one days gets the remake treatment.

Eternal Sonata

5. Eternal Sonata

A game made from the dreams of the dying composer Chopin. It had beautifully well-constructed backgrounds interesting characters and a pretty good story line with a massive twist! It was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360 then was remastered for a PlayStation 3 release. Any fans of the tales series battle system will feel right at home with this one.

Tales of Phantasia

4. Tales of Phantasia

Ah my first tales game was Tales of Phanatasia for the GBA. The game throws you right into the thick of the action straight away and it never lets go. Cress and co follow the path lead to them by their parents to save the world once more. Again the music in this game is awesome, I highly recommend you check out fighting of the spirt.Im still hoping one day this gets the remake treatment and gets a release in the UK (please Namco Bandai).

3. The legend of Dragoon

The legend of Dragoon

One of the most underrated games ever. The legend of dragoon was released towards the end of the PlayStation life cycle in 2001 (it had been released in japan since 1999) and because of that it was missed by a lot of people. Spanning over 4 discs Sony entertainment created a masterpiece. The music was amazing the story was really interesting and the characters were likeable. The graphics matched that of FFVIII but some of the boss enemies looked incredible and really intimidate you. The story focuses on love war and death and it’s well worth sticking with till the very end spanning over 4 disc’s The Legend of Dragoon is a massive game to the point you have to go back to previous discs to visit places from that respective disc.

Persona 4

2. Persona 4

One of my favourite games of all time It has everything, a massive plot twist multiple endings and an engaging story with incredibly likeable characters. Persona 4 has been remastered for the Ps vita which is the superior version with added goodies. Persona 3 FES was very nearly here instead but 4 just edged it for me, it’s since seen a anime series made (check that out its awesome) two fighting game spin offs and a dancing game for the Vita.

Chrono Trigger

1. Chrono Trigger

What can be said about Chrono Trigger that hasn’t been said already? It’s timeless (see what I did there) Embark on an epic quest with Crono to undone and change the future which has been damaged by a creature called Lavos. Crono acquires new strong allies from different time periods as he learns the truth on what’s happened to the future and how they can stop it. A game that has multiple endings, a direct sequel and is very much a well-loved classic if you haven’t played Chrono Trigger go do it now.

That’s my top 10 games that are NOT final Fantasy. Now I need to mention I know I’ve left loads of decent ones out that I have just not had the time to play. If you can suggest one that should be on this list please let me know and I will look into it. Your list might be completely different and some on here you might never have heard of.

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