Team Ninja Will Not Be Compromising On Nioh’s Difficulty Level

nioh_tgs_boss (1)

Following the release of Nioh’s alpha demo in April, Team Ninja has stated that they will not be decreasing the title’s difficulty for its full release, and may instead increase it.

“It wouldn’t add anything to the gameplay to make enemies weaker or the player stronger,” creative director Tom Lee said during an interview at E3 2016. “Any changes would be to enhance the difficulty. Some people said the difficulty was too high, but the vast majority had positive feedback. We are introducing abilities that will give the player more options, though. We want learning them to feel rewarding.”

It has been confirmed that these new abilities will include items such as Muskets, as well as Ox a new guardian spirit that will aid the player during battle adding a wider range of options during confrontations.

Nioh is slated to debut on PS4 on an as yet unspecified date in 2016, and will see gamers face an array of enemies as they duel and battle with their samurai weapons and skills.

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