Resident Evil Umbrella Corps Is Now Available

Capcom’s latest Resident Evil title, Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is now available for PS4, and PC following its June 21st release date.

Although, despite possessing the Resident Evil title, Umbrella Corps contains a wide range of gameplay features that are not found in other titles due to its multiplayer action roots. The title released on June 21st for PS4 and PC at $30 and will see gamers take part in 3 v 3 deathmatches throughout a wide range f returning maps from prior titles in the series, in which players will encounter a number of obstacles ranging from locked doors to zombie infested corridors.

In addition to this a recently posted Capcom blog post revealed that following the titles release it is slated to obtain a range of free DLC which will include the iconic Spence mansion as well as China based maps from Resident Evil 6.

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