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Broken Bots, an online multiplayer game, created by indie developers, Bunnycopter, is a game that revolves around robot warfare, and it is a lot of fun. With various modes to play around in, grab some friends to enjoy this game to the fullest. Fast-paced and full of action, this game has the potential to be a niche classic, if it gets the right kind of fan base support. Whilst it is not a perfect game, it is one with a lot of replay-ability and the potential to become one of your go to games.

I will be the first to admit though, this game does not have anything particularly special in it. There are no particularly fresh or new ideas, but it brings what you know well together in to a nice, neat package. The main draw of the game is that it keeps things interesting by having the robots malfunction. The game plays like a 2D arcade game, because it is one, but that is the pure basis of its appeal. The different modes allow the game to be spiced up, but as I said, the game is at its best when your bots are malfunctioning. You can be in the middle of a battle, in the lead, when your bot malfunctions, leading to all your controls being revered. If you do not get a handle on this quick, you will suddenly find yourself in last place.

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The different modes are Team Deathmatch; King of the Hill; Crazy King and Capture the Flag and an offline survival mode with waves of enemies. Nothing you have never done before, but have you done it with reversed controls? Online, there is 12 players in a match. Whilst this will not appeal to everyone, because rage quitting will be rife in this game, it will still be fun to play with some friends. Competitively, this game is entertaining to watch, but chaotic to play. But getting good at it is what it is all about, and besides, you do not want it to be too easy.

All bots can be customised to have weapons, skills and abilities that suit the player, allowing players to feel comfortable in the bot they have and giving them the freedom to select power ups that are best for them. This freedom to choose makes the game that much more appealing and also that much more entertaining. Appearance customisation is more popular in arcade games than weapon customisation, so it is great to see another arcade game bringing in weapon customisation. Whilst the customisation is not vast at the moment, I feel as though this is something Bunnycopter would take in to account if you made your voice heard and gave some examples of what you would like to see.

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The graphics are nowhere near incredible, but as it’s an arcade game, I let it slide. Arcade games always seem to be at their best, the less the artist focuses on the graphics and more on how bright they can make the weapons. The soundtrack is a fun, techno one; it is enjoyable, but do not leave it on for too long if you are just casually playing, because the beat does have a chance of getting annoying.

All in all, I found the game to be enjoyable. I certainly would not have heard about it if I was not given it to review, which is sad, because if there are a lot of people like me, it means this game will not get the attention it deserves. It is a fun game, to either play with friends or online, and considering it is a cheap game too, I think it is worth adding to your game library.

Rating 7

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