Huuuge Casino Games Review

Huuuge Casino is made by Huuuge inc., a relatively new company which was founded in 2014. Their focus is on the ever-expanding mobile casino market and their main app Slots – Huuuge Casino (formerly just Huuuge Casino) offers both a gaming and social platform where you can chat, build clubs, and play a number of casino games.

Unlike other popular mobile casinos, like All Slots, Slots – Huuuge Casino is primarily intended for mobile players who are not serious gamblers, as you can’t actually win any real money but only spend some to get casino credits. If you are looking for good real-money mobile casinos, you can read the All Slots review here.

The app itself, at first glance, seems like a smooth running app where navigation, credit management and socializing seems easy, however, many players report problems with the app crashing down, which is exactly what I found when installing the app. The app would run for 1-15 minutes before shutting itself down, out of the blue. I then tried it on 2 – 3 other devices and had the same result each time.

The Games

Once you start, you’ll be taken to a slot tutorial where you’ll instantly win some nice bonuses that’ll set you up for further play. I got somewhere around 500,000 in credits.

The casino menu offers a variety of games like baccarat, poker, video poker, blackjack and roulette, but, as the app’s name suggests, their forte is slot machines. Whatever your choice, you’ll be restricted to playing games for your level until you level up by gambling, increasing debts, winning, joining clubs, etc. And once you unlock another level, you’ll find games with better bonuses and higher minimum wagers.

 Huuuge Casino Games Review


Their slot game themes are classic, with symbols and visuals derived from ancient Egypt (Cleopatra), Greek Mythology (Zeus), Westerns (Gold Rush), Hollywood movies (Agent 77), etc., and they are all original slots, created only with the mobile player in mind. There are a number of bonuses you can win, depending on the game, as well as abundant progressive jackpots.

Most of their slots are 5 reel, 25 pay-line slots, although there are 50 pay-lines as well. Every game has excellent graphics, smooth animations and lag-free play that can easily compete with top names from other major casino game developers. The basic screen is not very distracting from the game and you can also play in full screen mode, where you’ll focus only on the reels.

Once you start playing the slots, it’s easy to get addicted to the thrills of constant wining and trying out different games. You can even chat with other players in the room, offer free drinks when you win, and start your own clubs together. It’s basically like Vegas, if the casinos gave you 0.5 million to get you started and let you win some more money during your first try.

Table Games

And if you don’t like slot machines, you can move on to the table games where you won’t win so much just by haphazardly placing bets and hitting the spin button. Just like the slot games, all table games run very smoothly on your device and are very easy to use and navigate. You can choose any of the Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Video Poker, and Roulette varieties; download the tables open for your player level, and start playing.

The table games are an entirely different affair than the slot machines – the screen is much more simplified and minimalistic, so that your focus can stay on the cards/roulette table. It’s very easy to find your way around, as you have large buttons for your bets, help bubbles, and an info-sheet reminding you of the game rules.

Most tables are played by a number of players at a time, and you can have a chat with them or give them a thumbs up if you like their move. However, serious players would find that distracting, but I doubt that serious players go for this app.

For those who don’t know how to work a card table, this part of the app is better left untouched because you’ll easily burn out through most of your chips if you don’t know what you’re doing. The betting minimum is 1000 and there aren’t many player winnings (from what I saw), which means that you’ll have a couple of days of fun before you end up uninstalling the app or buying chips with real money.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the games are pretty well-made and fun to play and you get a decent welcome bonus to get you started. However, there are some major drawbacks in the casino. First of all, the app is not very stable. It’s annoying, to say at least, that the app keeps crashing randomly while you play, sometimes even in less than 2 minutes after starting.

Huuge casino is offered as a Flash casino and a mobile casino.

Furthermore, the welcome money you get can easily be spent in a matter of days because you don’t really win much after your initial try. This means that you’ll have to spend real money to buy more chips, which shouldn’t be surprising considering the app is free. However, it seems that the lower you bet, the higher your chances are of wining, which isn’t very exciting as you’ll only play low betting games that become boring after a while.

There’s also the issue of player complaints who say that they’ve lost large portions of their balance (and sometimes all) and club privileges after the app crashed and were unable to retrieve them after, which, frankly, makes the games not worth much trouble after the first week or two, especially if you consider its other faults.

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