Mobile Casino Games – Instant Play Has Taken Over on iOS Devices

The era of app downloads has finally reached its limit – there are fewer app downloads today on the App Store than ever before. We are no longer interested in the fine sport of collecting and trying out new apps, and this holds true for casino games on mobile devices as well.

There are several reasons why app downloads have declined – the most obvious being “app fatigue” – i.e. too many apps being downloaded and played over the course of several years, that people are just fed up with the notion of even updating their existing ones. Innovation has something to do with it as well, since we aren’t seeing big leaps in what the technology has to offer. The offer of casino games has steadily grown though they are still a far cry from what the industry had at the beginning (if we are talking about online casino games). If you fancy some new titles added to your playing library, including the newest trend of instant play games, check out

Mobile Casino Games - Instant Play Has Taken Over on iOS Devices

Of course, mobile casino gaming isn’t going anywhere except UP, and the main factor for this is the new shift in focus towards instant play casino titles on mobile. There are more and more casino titles being introduced in the brand new HTML5 format, which grant accessibility to iOS players on their browser.

Let’s get something clear for a sec – we aren’t talking down on casino apps. They are still great at accessing your favorite games from your favorite casino game developer. It is just, they are a bit of a hassle – they take up space, they require constant updates AND you are restricted to an app if you want to play games from another developer.

Instant play titles on the other hand require none of that – you want to play a quick round of video poker? Just hop on in at the hottest mobile casino and you can go a few rounds before deciding to switch to slots. It is that simple.

You no longer need to leave sensitive information on your app’s history – you log in on your account at the mobile casino if you decide to play for real money. If not, just opt to play from the instant play library and have some fun.

Let’s also mention the fact that more and more developers are already switching to HTML5 for the development of their games since it offers more support across platforms (smartphones and tablets) and a variety of browser. So you won’t be caged to whichever version the developer decided to create his mobile portfolio, but you will have access to all at the flick of your button. That’s about it folks – the next step in mobile casino gambling is indeed here and it is quick and quite entertaining.

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