The Division Underground Launch Trailer Unveiled

The latest DLC installment for Ubisoft’s the Division is slated to debut on June 28th, therefore following the publication of the expansions patch information, the publisher has unveiled a launch trailer for the DLC.

The trailer showcases a wide range of features slated to debut in the expansion such as its new ominous underground environments, as well as the game’s latest raid titled Dragon’s Nest. In addition to this the trailer reveals more information regarding the expansion’s storyline, as well as new gear sets that players will be able to obtain throughout the expansion.

For those who are unaware, The Division’s underground expansion will see gamers take to the ravaged undergrounds of post viral New York, where players will be tasked with exploring the secrets of the underground, and eliminating the cleaners who seek to burn all remaining inhabitants of the city, in order to cleanse it of the spreading outbreak.

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