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Full Mojo Rampage is a twin stick shooter, with rogue like tendencies, and even a smidgen of RPG mechanics, thrown in a boiling pot of Voodoo magic goodness. Over The Top Games have released, what could be the Indie game of the year. Maybe of all time for the Xbox One console. You see, when you have a game that takes the previously mentioned ingredients, and mix them together on a low heat, cooking them to perfection, you create Full Mojo Rampage. But what makes this game so damned fine? Let us discuss some more.

There is plenty for you to be able to crack on with, but not from the get go, oh no. They don’t want you to have access to everything from the starting grid, and instead, make you unlock everything for the Solo campaign. This consists of 5 difficulty settings, Endless Survival Runs, Night of the Dead, which is Horde mode, and a Library. The latter is a series of pages with all the items that can be unlocked within the game world. Power Ups, both single use and multi use, weapons, Relics, Voodoo dolls, and a few other interesting pick ups. The Multiplayer is available as soon as you load up thankfully. You can have Quest Co-Op for up to 4 players, or PVP for up to 8 players, on maps that are just the right size. An Indie game with online capabilities? Oh yes. I have [previously played and reviewed Heart & Slash, and Neon Chrome for another site. Both similar games with regards to the rogue like, procedurally generated levels. But could have been so much better had online Co-Op been an option. Teaming up with your best buddy for a gaming session is always a great laugh, especially if the game is good. Just to clarify, the PVP and Co-Op is actually really good, and certainly worth trying out. I hope to have some game nights if I can convince everyone to buy it.

My first impressions upon hearing and seeing news of the impending release, had me salivating, and boarding the hype train with business class ticket in hand. I can safely say, I was not disappointed one bit.

The visuals are just lush. So much love and attention has been invested, crafting the art style of Voodoo, which is something I have not seen since the Voodoo scene from Monkey Island. I can still remember the music that accompanied this. But to have a whole game dedicated to a theme of this sort? I was so happy, I danced a wee jig. Strange I know. Once you jump into Quest 1, you are greeted by a Diablo-esque viewpoint, but without the isometric camera angle. The nameless character you control, has a light source, and as you wander precariously through the opening level, the light casts shadows between rocks, and something as simple as this looks so beautiful. No clipping, just nothing of the sort that could offend your eyeballs. The colours used suit the feel of the level designs, Cemetary, Bayou Swamp, Mansion. Just to name a few. Dark, foreboding colours match the locations, and the assets used for decorative purposes, fill the game world up, and bring Full Mojo Rampage to life. You don’t just get a few bits and pieces here and there, it really does have depth in these levels, with skulls on wooden spikes littering the landscape in the Bayou levels, torches gently lighting the local area to them, and so much more. There are other locations which if I went into, you would think that you was about to embark on the longest review you have ever seen. I can talk about this game all day.

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Now for the musical score. Remember when I mentioned the Monkey Island Voodoo scene? Well, if like me you enjoyed that little number, you are in for a treat. It doesn’t get boring at all, and is subtle enough that sub consciously, you know it’s there, but at the same time, it wont over power your sense as you wave your wand at the enemies. It’s so good, that one of our Cockatiels mimicked the tune when I was playing a few hours ago. Even our Avian friends enjoy the game. The music is good for one very good reason. Does the name Alastair Lindsay mean anything? It should do, and if not, then go and check that name out. Alastair Lindsay has worked wonders with the music in my humbled opinion, and I think many of you will agree.

Gameplay is a tried and tested formula, that if you’re as old as me, you will remember Smash TV, and Twin Stick controls are the perfect choice, and you wield your Voodoo wand, to cast your magic and defeat your foes. The triggers buttons activate your magic powers, which need to cool down before being used again. The bumpers can select an item or a relic from your hot bar for use. You can click your RS down to bring up an information box of the item you have selected from your hot bar, and compare it to an item you’re contemplating collecting. You have a limited inventory space however, so no deep pockets for you, you greedy little gamer. There are pouches you can find, which add inventory spaces, allowing you more health potions, or whatever you want to stockpile. Responsive, and what could be described as perfectly laid out, for any gamer to pick up and play, from the noob, to the expert. Not often I will say that about a game, even my favourite game of recent years. Which is Minecraft in case you are curious.

For the single player mode, you have Quests 1 through to 4. Doesn’t sound much though at first glance, and you may be sensing some trepidation creeping over you like a dark shadow of disappointment. Kind of like my GCSE results. Don’t fret. Each Quest has multiple levels in each. Plus the mandatory sub boss fights, and of course, the obligatory End Boss fight. The levels are linked together, with paths branching off for other locations to visit. Such as Vendors to buy and sell your illicitly acquired goods, Shrines to the Voodoo Gods, Events that are entirely random each time you play, and the rather excellent Mojo Mixer. The latter is where you go to combine the Relics to boost your stats, and it costs you no in-game gold too. Each Quest must be completed without dying to unlock the next Quest, and the next difficulty. The fantastically named WTH is This and Annoying difficulties, change parameters, such as expelled enemies dropping bombs, no health regeneration, and harder bosses. Work hard, and you will get to these. It creates a whole new experience, and coupled with the random levels, you will not play the same game twice. Longevity is very high. The other games modes will also keep you occupied for some time including leaderboard ranking. Spoilt for choice aren’t we.

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If you are an achievement hunter, Be prepared for some hard work. You will need to complete each Quest 6 times for each difficulty related achievement. So get your skills up and quick. The upgrade screen allows you to upgrade 4 stats, making you a tougher apprentice of the Voodoo arts. The multiplayer has some attached to it, and is very easy to get done and dusted. On the whole, most will look like they are a grind, or hard work. But invest some time, and you will get the majority done.

But there is more, oh yes there is. Pins can be attached to your character, figuratively speaking. These boost your stats even more, and there are far more than your character stats. You can upgrade them to offer up more boosts to your stats, and these are found in-game very quickly. You will gain Blessings to purchase by the time you rank to Level 5. These cost between 100-500 gold, and 10 medals, and as well as boosting your stats even further, they are not a permanent boost. Each run you make through a Quest, you will need to buy them again. Finally, for some purely visual appearances, you can choose a Voodoo mask. There is even an easter egg for a very popular game here, and another for the same game in the form of a pick up. But I’m not spoiling it.

In closing, I have to say I have been very addicted to Full Mojo Rampage. In Layman’s Terms, it’s good. Very good. Ok, I am in love, no denial from me. If you have been in contact with me the last couple of days, I will have only talked about this game. But the strange thing is, I have not mentioned any negative aspects of the game in this review, or to anyone else. I’m not being pressured into this score, nor am I being paid too. I have decided to award Full Mojo Rampage the highest score I possibly can. I’m surprised as you are. But that’s my decision.

Rating 10

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