Table Top Racing: Supercharger Pack Review

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Recently a PlayStation Plus free game, Table Top Racing: World Tour is a driving game created by Playrise Digital. Driving around the track and racing against your opponents, equals living the Grand Prix dream. The tracks are short, the races are slow, but that does not necessarily make the game bad, just like the opposite does not necessarily make racing games good. But it definitely helps.

Saying that though, let us throw back to Mario Kart. Oh, the hours of fun to be had, getting your squad together, having a few beers, saving that blue spiky shell for someone special, like a poisonous love letter.  Reminiscing about Mario Kart brings back the good times, which people were hoping Table Top Racing would embody, but it failed to live up to its expectations. Taking the game in its own right, however, makes it a just a little bit more fun.

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Table Top Racing: World Tour does have its lures, like the special power-ups, which last for a glorious few seconds. The speed boost takes you up from first gear to what feels like third in nought to 0.65832 seconds! You have also got your basic shield and coin multipliers, but these are not anything special, most racing games have them nowadays. This one is meant to be fun, not serious, which you get a feel for as soon as you turn the game one and start racing, as the tracks are interesting and the environments are weird, and the cars have a certain casual artistic feel. The names of cars are also funny, such as the fauxrari, which I found myself pining after, once I saw it whizz by me for the first time up until I earned it myself.

The Supercharger pack has a little bit extra, a ‘je ne sais quoi’, if you will. This pack includes exclusives, like:

  • 4 new routes!
  • 16 new special events!
  • 16 new paint schemes!
  • 4 ‘ultra cool cars’!

Wowza. If you are a fan of Table Top Racing, this might feel like a goldmine. Call your friends over and give them the basic cars, whilst you race around in one of the exclusive ultra cool one. You can laugh on the inside as they are in awe of the ultra cool car you find yourself winning every race in. ‘May I have a go?’ they will say in pleading voice, and you will think to yourself ‘man, the supercharger pack was so worth it!’ Or, perhaps when you see the £11.99 price tag, you will think ‘maybe not.’

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The contents of the Supercharger pack are good, but, if like me, you got the game free on PS+ with no strings attached, the Supercharger pack may feel like a commitment you are not quite ready to make in this relationship you have with Table Top Racing. But hey, if you are enjoying the game, the best way to show your support it to buy the content they are creating for you. Playrise Digital will certainly thank you for it, and if you are one of those people in that weird, imaginary scenario I produced earlier, you will be the one your pals refer to as ‘the cool one’.

Overall, Table Top Racing: World Tour is a fun little game and the Supercharger pack does add a lot of content. If you are a big fan of the game, I say that the DLC is one worth purchasing, if you have not got it already.

Rating 7

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