Predicting the PlayStation Plus ‘free’ games for August 2016

Predicting the PlayStation Plus 'free' games for November 2015

Well another month of predictions and unfortunately another month with nothing correct. In my defense I’ve gone for Fat Princess numerous times in the past without success, and I had nominated Gat Out of Hell once before too. Anyway, enough with the near misses and onto this month’s forecast. Yakuza 5 for the PS3 has been the subject of most discussions after being accidentally (and temporarily) made available for free, but aside from that I’m going to have to conduct some deductive reasoning.

As 2nd August is the date when the selection of titles are added to the Instant Game Collection it’s customary to check what new games are released that day. On the PS4 there are several likely candidates although both Battleship and Risk Urban Assault have pre-order prices so most likely won’t feature. The sexual humour of Gal Gun: Double Peace means I really doubt it would make the cut, while Abzu will be part of Sony’s PLAY 2016 event so can be discarded straight away (although it will be a likely candidate in the future). This leaves Livelock and episode 1 of Batman: The Telltale Series (the latter of which will also appear on PS3) as my starting line up of suspects.

Checking out what games are on sale for the PS4 (and therefore dubious choices to be given away in a couple of weeks) brings up a long list of games which would be very appropriate, but they’ll probably all make an appearance in future months. For reference they are Hyper Light Drifter, Grow Up, The Witness, Alienation, Firewatch, SOMA, Overcooked, Alone With You, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Enter the Gungeon, Goat Simulator, Dangerous Golf, Shadow of the Beast, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Child of Light, Journey, The Escapists, I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator, Hotline Miami 2, Flower, The Legend of Korra, The Banner Saga, Primal Carnage, Another World, Hitman GO, Hatoful Boyfriend, Titan Souls, Broken Age, Fat Princess Adventures, White Night, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, Kholat, Not a Hero, LA Cops, Sheltered, Beyond Eyes, Shiftlings, SteamWorld Heist, Soul Axiom, ADR1FT, Octodad, Costume Quest 2, CastleStorm, Daydreamer, Energy Hook, Lumo, Type:Rider, Orc Slayer and Knot.

The PS3 and Vita meanwhile have sales of their own which includes individual titles such as Dirt3, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Wrecked: Revenge Revisited, Flower, Bodycount, King’s Quest, Transformers, Twisted Lands, Narco Terror, AeternoBlade, Sacra Terra and Paranormal Pursuit. Whole franchises can also be ruled out for this month including Uncharted, Worms, Sonic, Grid, WipEout, Super Stardust, PixelJunk, Alien Breed, Dead Nation, Sacred and Risen.

And with that all out of the way it’s time to actually make my predictions, but based on my performances in previous months I’ll need a fair bit of luck given the lack of clues beyond Livelock and Yakuza 5. So I’ve been fairly boring and perused the top-rated games on Metacritic ruling out recent releases, old sport titles and those that already featured and… well see for yourself.

PS4 predictions:


Bastion (cross-buy)

PS3 predictions:

Yakuza 5

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Vita predictions:

Army Corps of Hell

Bastion (cross-buy)

King Oddball

In the next few days we’ll see if I’ve managed to get any right myself.  In the meantime please leave your predictions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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