How will Virtual Reality Impact on Gambling?


In recent times, there has been huge discussion about how the rise of virtual reality (VR) will impact on the gaming industry. While this is unsurprising, it often fails to explore the relationship between these two platforms and whether or not VR could actively improve the experience already available through gaming and online gambling.

Although it may seem obvious that VR and online gaming make for a prosperous and convenient marriage, it is crucial that the former is able to add value to what is already an immersive and popular pastime.

How Gaming has Driven the recent Growth of VR

Without a shadow of a doubt; 2016 will be remembered as the year that VR finally entered the consumer mainstream. After years to theory and prototype designs, manufacturers have been able to develop viable and affordable hardware that brings the long-standing concept of virtual reality to life. Gaming has played a pivotal role in popularising VR and driving its recent development, primarily because it has provided an outlet for developers around the world.

The design of the Microsoft’s augmented reality HoloLens has been shaped with gaming vehicles such as Minecraft in mind, for example, enabling developers to test and develop their hardware through a practical application. At the other end of the pricing spectrum, Google’s Cardboard accessory and the entry-level Merge headset have been designed to enhance online and console gaming respectively, providing a template for other brand’s to follow.

VR and Virtual Gambling: What should we expect in the near-term?

In terms of online gaming and virtual gambling hubs the potential of both VR and augmented reality is huge. After all, virtual casino platforms and their developers have already invested huge amounts in the cultivation of authentic gameplay, enhancing graphics and introducing real-time gaming in the process. They have also tailored the pace of virtual gameplay to mirror bricks and mortar casinos, helping older players to make a seamless transition online.

In this respect, the adaptation of virtual reality is the next logical step in this market, as it builds on three-dimensional graphics and authentically-paced gameplay to elevate the experience to a brand new level. Online players playing new games on and other sites will be able recreate a 3D casino environment in their own home for example, introducing the type of visual and tactile elements that distingush corporeal gameplay. This will undoubtedly represent the final step in the emergence of online gaming and gambling, while potentially signallng the beginning of the end for all but the premier land-based establishments

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