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Tricky Towers, a game developed by WeirdBeard, is a puzzle game where you have to build a tower and be better at it than your opponents. To throw in a little spice, you can also use magic spells, both light and dark magic, to improve your tower or interfere with your opponents. The game style will feel familiar, as it feels influenced by games such as Jenga and Tetris.

Allowing you to play locally or online, Tricky Towers is a fabulous puzzle game, made for players who want to test their brains more than their reaction time. Unfortunately, I fall in to the latter category, so this game was my own personal form of masochism. ‘Why yes, I would love to play this Tetris-like puzzle game even though I couldn’t do more than 5 lines without messing it up as a child.’ The unwritten rule of at least trying your best if you are unable to complete a game before the review deadline date was one that greatly affected me over the week and ended up with me feeling like the biggest loser in the world as I lost the majority of games I played.

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The most important thing to do whilst playing this game is to keep fighting til the end. You might think that someone is miles ahead of you, but one bad brick can knock their whole tower down. I don’t feel as though this game is for just anyone, rather it has a niche market of people who just love puzzle games. The ideal market are people who enjoyed puzzle games during their Nintendo DS prime and feel the recent void left in the market. Of course, you could just play Tetris, but the online factor is where this game comes in to its own league. This game does not have a long life ahead of it, but I think it is here for a good time, not a long time.

There are different modes: race, survival, puzzle and random. Each of these modes are fun, but the most fun to watch as a spectator is race. Watching the different ways people try to race to the top is funny, as some people try and get them to fit neatly on top of each other and others just dump the bricks on top of each other at speed, so that even when the bricks tip over, there is still a chance they will win. Random is a great way to keep things interesting, as you can quickly learn other peoples tactics and see how the winners play. Going against your friends after learning from who seem like the smartest people in the world, can really be an ego booster when your friends cannot work out the controls faster than you can build a tower.

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The heartbreak you feel as your tower falls is not one to be taken lightly, as it feels like when your pull down the Jenga tower, multiplied by ten million. Especially when you were having a good run not two seconds before and your tower was reaching skyscraper status. Watching your friends smug faces are painful as they pull a magic trick that makes your tower collapse.

The colour palettes are nice and colourful, the bricks are a mix of primary and secondary colours and the backgrounds are always aesthetically pleasing. The soundtrack is nice and light, nothing special, but I do not think anyone was expecting it to be. Overall, Tricky Towers is a nice and fun game, which will give you a lot of fun, specifically at parties. With a couple of drinks involved, this game will be a hit. Considering it is one of this months PlayStation Plus games, there is no better time than the present to download it.

Rating 7

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