Pokémon Go: 10 useful tips for those who already play it

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With about 20 million downloads every day, the Pokémon Go keeps gaining huge popularity all around the world. No wonder so many people want to know more about it, and not just the basic rules of this exciting game. After these several month of playing it we can say – yes, there are certain tips that will help you to chase the Pokémons around your city more productively, to find some rare ones, and to finally (with luck) catch them all! So here we go.

Tip #1

When chasing the Pokémons, pay attention on how many ‘paws’ you see under the Nearby tab. Change the direction of movement and watch them increase and decrease. Remember the spot where you saw the least of them and then explore everything on this spot.

Tip #2

Pay attention to what color the circle around the Pokémon is. If the circle is red or orange, maybe you should use your best pokeballs (Ultra Ball or Great Ball). This will definitely increase your chances to catch it.

Tip #3

It is worth checking one and the same place in the morning, by day and then again in the evening. Thing is that certain Pokémons can be found there in the first or in the second half of one day.

Tip #4

Don’t forget about the pokestops. When in a car or a bus during a rush hour, you can activate all the spots and even catch a Pokémon! But never try to catch them when YOU are the driver, even if you are not moving because of the traffic jam. This can be extremely dangerous.

Tip #5

When activating a pokestop, you don’t really need to tap on all of the trophies. Just close the pokestop window and all the good things will be moved to your inventory automatically.

Tip #6

Don’t forget about the incubators. There should always be eggs there. You can carry a limited number of eggs, which is not great of course. But they can contain an excellent Pokémon after all!

Tip #7

Don’t spend the precious Dust for nothing. It is of little use helping gain levels to weak Pokémons in the beginning of the game. On higher levels the Dust may become very valuable and you will be able to use it on really powerful and unique Pokémons.

Tip #8

Pokemon Go is supposed to be a free game, so you can keep playing it without any purchases. But if you do decide to buy some extra Dust or more Pokemon Balls, there should be no problem using a PayPal account. This payment solution is extremely convenient and you can even use it for playing at online casinos listed on cPaymentMethods.com and other trustworthy resources.

Tip #9

When choosing a Pokémon for the upcoming fight, do it personally and never rely on the auto-select feature.

Tip #10

Deactivate the AR-mode. This will make the process of catching Pokémons simpler and even extend your device’s time of work (in terms of battery charge).

These ten tips can really help not just have fun when playing Pokémon Go, but also do it right. Of course, there are other important things the Pokémon chasers should keep in mind, especially when it comes to their security, but this is the topic for a whole separate article. For now we simply wish you good luck in catching the best Pokémons ever!

PS: Some interesting facts about Nintendo

You must be true fans of Pokémon game if you keep reading up to this point. So as a reward, we are going to give you some interesting facts about the company that created this game – Nintendo.

The company was founded in 1889 (!) in Kyoto, Japan. Back then it produced Hanafuda (flower style) Japanese playing cards which were very bright and became widely popular on the local market. And in 1902 Mr. Yamauchi was the first in the country to start manufacturing western-style playing cards. It looks like the Nintendo founder was quite a fan of casino games himself.

It wasn’t until 1963 when Nintendo started producing games on top of playing cards. Then, in 1975 the company did some hard work in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric and developed a videogame system combined with EVR. Several years after that Nintendo and Mitsubishi were cooperating very successfully. In the result they launched such hits as “TV Game 15” and “TV Game 6”.

In 1984 the smash hits Super Mario bros. and The Legend of Zelda were released by Nintendo. And in 1986 they launched the Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe to be the instant success. 1989 was the year of the Game Boy – the very first portable game system with changeable cartridges. It was also the year of Tetris! It’s hard to believe that this game is already 27 years old… Wow, the time does pass fast.

So as you see Nintendo can really be proud with its long and rich history. But never before has the company been as successful as in year 2016 – the year of the new Pokémon Go release. The stock value of Nintendo has reached the unseen levels. Why is this fact important to us, players? Simply because now the company will have the power and money to bring us more excellent hits!

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