Red Game Without a Great Name Review

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I never really thought about how important the name itself for games is. For game developers there is a bit of thought that goes into official naming the project you have worked on for years. It doesn’t even need the most clever of names either, the simplified name is sometimes the best choice; it can go a long way sometimes.

Red Game without a Great Name is a game with that very problem. Even without going into the gameplay itself I already have a problem with the game. The game starts out with an inventor with his back to the camera, you can imagine that he is probably inventing something that ties into the game; this little scene happens every time you boot up the game. With a quick cut you discover he was working on a robot bird, which is the character you will control in the game.

After that we finally get into the game’s level selector, also it’s worth mentioning that this game is controllable exclusively on the touch screen. Usually I would have a problem but the gameplay itself would be hard to configure for the Vita’s controls; so I totally understand why the developer didn’t go down that rabbit hole. With a couple flicks of your finger you will discover that the game has a total of sixty levels.

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Getting into the gameplay itself in the first level, you start in a cage as the bird. You can get out with a touch and the game gives you a little tutorial. It looks like the robot bird can teleport like Nightcrawler while dragging your finger on the screen. After the first level is finish with you discover the goal of every level is to deliver mail from one cage to another while avoiding obstacles with your teleportation ability. I guess it’s less a robot bird and more a robot carrier pigeon with teleportation abilities.

As you go into the first ten levels I realized that this game was pretty easy but after that the levels get incredibly hard as you go on in later levels. Every time I finished a level, I was thankful that level was finish with while not realizing the next level will be even harder; with new game mechanic being introduced every 10 levels or so. For the trophy hunters out there completing all the levels with no deaths and while collecting all the collectibles is something to strive for; a lot of replay value if you’re looking for it. This is small game so not a lot of trophies to go for but if you want to go for it know that these trophies are hard to earn.

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The game title doesn’t lie, Red Game Without a Great Name is a game with a very red sky. Mostly every other game model is black; so not a lot of variety colour wise. Even with the lack of variety on the colour wheel this game still looks pretty good in my eyes. One thing I really like is the music in the level selector, it sounds weird at first but after some time I started to enjoy the tunes this game was blasting into my ears.

Red Game without a Great Name is a game I liked in the beginning but as I got further into the game I questioned the early hard levels in the game and the game design choices. On the basic level this is game is pretty simple, but when you get into the minutia and the harder levels of the game it’s hard to recommend this game to just anyone. Even though the game does not have a great name, it’s still a game I liked and had a fun time with. If you like the challenge of getting through a game – the puzzling aspect of a challenge – then I would recommend you try out this game. If you dislike those type of games then I would recommend you to stay clear of this game; especially for those rage quitting levels.

Rating 6

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