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Krinkle Krusher, a game developed by Ilusis Interactive Games, is a single player game in somewhat popular genre of tower defences. You happen to think you are good at defending your kingdom against evil enemies? Then this is the game for you. If you are the kind of person who is interested in tower defence games, then let me be the first to say that this is nothing new or special.

The game revolves around you protecting your kingdom against enemies called Krinkles. They are nasty little things, who seem to have it out for you and yours. They come in various types, some can manoeuvre around in unpredictable ways, whilst others can take any magic spells you throw at them. The Krinkle’s will keep marching at you, unless you think fast and protect you kingdom, but there are new gameplay elements added whenever you add a new item, spell or play in a new environment. The ability to adapt to these changes will be what saves you from being krushed by the Krinkle’s (get it?), so you better learn fast and learn well.

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You as the player do not take on the role of the king or the queen of the kingdom, nor a sorcerer or a wizard, but instead a magic glove, which is capable of casting spells. Spells are cast using different combination of buttons, and certain things can affect the spell, such as the ground it is cast on. You quickly need to learn how certain things can affect you spells, because this game is far from easy and frequent slip ups will certainly make it easy for the Krinkle’s to take over your kingdom. This game is repetitive, for sure, but it is also super frustrating, and to me, it did not feel as though there was a steady difficulty incline. Instead, it felt as though one of the Krinkle’s is sitting behind a lever and suddenly, after a couple of rounds, decides to pull that lever and crank it up to 100. I can practically imagine Anger from the film Inside Out pushing the buttons as his head erupts into flames being the one in control here.

The enemies have the tendency to look exactly like each other, which makes for bland visuals, especially paired with the cartoonish look of the game. Whilst Krinkle Krusher is colourful, it is not particularly pleasing to the eye, which is more apparent when you compare it to other games on the PS4. Whilst this game might be a lot more appealing if it was on the platform it feels more suited for, which is mobile, it does not stand out against the current PS4 line up.

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This is a game best played in short, frequent bouts, maybe an hour day, if you want to stick with it. Any longer, and you will feel yourself getting sucked in to a never-ending cycle of gameplay repetition. Krinkle Krusher feels like a mobile game that has been remastered for a console, rather than a game with a console in mind. This is a little more understandable when you discover that this was also made for the PSVita, but it does not excuse this game not reaching its potential.

If you stick with this game, you might discover the game underneath, which is a good tower defence game. However, if you do not manage to make it through the early spikes of difficulty and the frustrating repetition, do not worry, I will understand.

Rating 4

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