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Recently Ubisoft released a new UNO game. Sure, it may not be the most original game, but if you enjoy the UNO card game, you’re sure to enjoy this video game. To be honest about the game, it is simply the same as the card game with a new convenience factor and fresh coat of paint. The game is very bright and colorful, making the entire game very nice to look at while the gameplay remains easy to follow. The visuals of the game also help players know exactly who will be going next and what effect each special card will have.

These inviting looks come with sound effects and music that seem to mesh very well with the look and feel of the classic card game. In fact, the music even speeds up as a player closes in on winning. The music isn’t anything too memorable, but it does a great job of being exactly what it’s supposed to be, background music. Players are also supposed to hit the X button before they end their turn that would leave them with 1 card so they can call ‘UNO’. Players have a choice between a male and female voice for when UNO is called, which is a nice touch in my opinion.

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When someone forgets to call UNO on their turn, all other players (A.I. included) can hit Y to bust someone for forgetting. This is familiar to anyone who has played the game before, but it is still handled very well. Although much is the same in the game, there are a few things that are new or left up to personal preference. The first new thing I noticed was the addition of the Rabbids version of the classic UNO deck.

In this deck version, all of the cards now sport pictures of the goofy Rabbid characters (personally, I like the number 5 card). Besides the new card faces, there are actually new cards as well. These cards are meant to capture the sheer insanity of the Rabbids in silly new effects that can truly change up the course of any game they are used in. One of these cards rigs the deck with explosives so the next player that has to draw must draw extra cards as well. These new, crazy cards can be fun but also become frustrating when they fill your hand with cards all over again. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Rabbids, so I was happy to see the option on the main menu teasing new decks to come in the future. I wouldn’t mind a Rayman deck or maybe even a more ‘serious’ Assassin’s Creed deck. I think these decks and new cards will be what makes this version of the game stand out from the rest.

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Other than the different decks/cards, there are two game modes and several house rules available to play with/without. The two game modes are either normal 4 player games where everyone is playing for themselves and a 2v2 mode where the 4 players makes 2 teams to work together and win the whole game. This 2v2 mode allows 2 players to play locally and I truly appreciate it. It was really fun playing with my fiancé instead of against her like usual. The house rules are all things that can be used to make the game more punishing (having to draw until you find a card you can use), or simply higher risk (being able to ‘stack’ Draw 2 cards so that the next player has to Draw 4/6/8). These rules make it easier to let everyone play as some people may not have grown up with certain rules or may simply not like certain rules and they can be easily changed before each game.

Overall, this version of the game is really nice and fun to play. I wish I could speak more for the online play, but I could not find a partner for it. With all the little touches in the UI (like the card count next to each player’s name/picture) and big important details (running smoothly through and through), the game does a great job of doing what it is meant to do. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do anything too new, or groundbreaking and is simply a card game.  If that is all you’re looking for, you’re in luck. Otherwise, don’t expect much from the game. For me, this will be the only version of the game I’ll be playing from now on.

Rating 7

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