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Full Mojo Rampage is a top-down twin-stick shooter with rogue like elements. The game has an interesting setting with a voodoo theme, with masked characters and colourful environments.

When you start the game you get to choose which masked voodoo character to play as and from there you have to carry out a series of tasks within different stages. The game has four chapters, each with randomly generated stages that have specific tasks to finish. The first task I had to complete was to close various portals placed around the map, which are guarded by multiple enemies.

The story follows a young voodoo apprentice who must finish a series of missions to gain respect from Loa, which are powerful voodoo spirits. When starting out I died a couple of times, so I got to see that the levels are randomly-generated and the locations of objectives and enemies are different each time you play. The game is set in Louisiana and I thought that the environments looked great, with vibrant colours and lots of detail. Like I said, the gameplay involves twin-stick shooting and it has rogue-like elements, meaning you restart when you die. The game also has some RPG elements, with items that can equipped called “Mojos.” These give you various powerful abilities that aid you on your mission.

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Throughout the multiple levels and quests, there are all sorts of enemies to contend with, including skeletons, zombies and much larger enemies. I found that tonnes of enemies would spawn at objective points and at times the amount of enemies can become overwhelming. That’s ok though because when you kill enemies they drop all sorts of loot, including mojos and health which boost your abilities and make you more powerful.

Enemies can also drop new weapons, which can be very effective against large waves of enemies and larger beasts. Being a rogue-like you lose these when you die and the progress you made is restarted. What you do get to keep are your coins, medals and most importantly your XP, which means you are slowly becoming more powerful and better equipped in battle. The basic idea is that you set out on your quest, make a bit of progress, die and then come back slightly better equipped and then do the same again until you start to see yourself making good progress.

You can also tweak the character you play as between rounds and there are plenty of different looks and items to choose from. The most interesting thing you get to choose is your God. There are actually eight to choose from and each one grants you with 2 different attacks, which both have cool downs. During the action you collect ‘pins’ which basically give you bonuses and these can help determine your play style.

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I played the game solo but you can actually play with 3 other players if you wish to do so and that’s locally or online. I imagine the game would be a lot easier if you were to play with others but I enjoyed the challenge of fighting the monsters off on my own. It’s important to try and collect as much loot as possible and explore every nook and cranny because the items and boosts you find will aid your progress greatly. I have to say that I’m not really a massive fan of rogue-like games or procedurally generated stages but for some reason this game sunk its hooks into me and I loved the challenge of trying to get a little bit further each time.

The presentation is good, with a clear top-down perspective, vibrant colours and unique setting. I also enjoyed the design of the monsters and beasts you fight off, whether its hordes of skeletons or crowds of zombies. The music is great, with an upbeat tempo and fun atmosphere.

Overall, Full Mojo Rampage may put some players off if they don’t enjoy rogue-like games or twin-stick shooters but this manages to feel addictive and worth the challenge. It’s important to know that you will die a lot, but that’s part and parcel of the game, as you die you restart stronger and better equipped for your next run. What also makes the game great is the randomly generated levels, which give it replayability and you can play the game in long or short bursts. I would recommend giving this a go if you like games such as Helldivers or Geometry Wars.

Rating 6

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