From Comic to Slots; A Look at the Evolution of Marvel

Originating as a comic book publisher, Marvel made its way onto the big screen with a series of blockbuster hits which evolved into online slots games. These games can be played on the sites of various web-based casino operators worldwide allowing all die hard Marvel fans to try their luck at any of the fun-filled comic book themed slots games. In the following article, we will take a quick look at four different Marvel themed slots games and how they compare with the original comic book themed movie.

From Comic to Slots; A Look at the Evolution of Marvel 1

Spider Man

The evolution from comic book to the big screen started with the 2002 blockbuster Spider Man, an action packed classic that grossed a whopping $821.7 million worldwide. This flick holds the title as the 50th-highest-grossing film of all time. In this timeless classic, the story of Spider Man’s beginnings is revealed as student Peter Parker is bitten by a spider on a school field trip. The bite is what eventually gives Mr. Parker’s alter ego, Spiderman, the superhero powers needed to fight crime.

But Playtech’s adventurous ‘Spiderman: Attack of the Green Goblin’ is no school field trip. This action packed 5-reel slots game consists of 25 paylines and 5 bonus features. The reel icons include the Green Goblin, Mary Jane, Peter’s camera and the Daily bugle. Stopping the green Goblin can be worth up to 1,000 coins and if you rescue MJ, you can win up to 300 coins.

From Comic to Slots; A Look at the Evolution of Marvel 2

The Incredible Hulk

The Marvel Studios’ Hollywood saga continued when director Louis Leterrier released the 2008 blockbuster-The Incredible Hulk. In this action packed blockbuster, Bruce Banner attempts to find a cure for the military grade radiation that has infected his cells causing him to morph into the big green monster that you don’t want to make angry. But despite the excitement surrounding its release, the movie failed to live up to the hype grossing only $134,806,913.

And while the flick may have disappointed many Marvel fans, the same cannot be said about its corresponding casino game. The graphics on the Incredible Hulk slots game are certainly in a league of their own. The game’s features include an expanding Hulk and a Smash Bonus allowing you to crush vehicles for cash or helicopters for a multiplier. And as with all Marvel games, the Multi-Level Mystery Progressive Jackpot is a feature any gung ho Marvel fan will enjoy.

From Comic to Slots; A Look at the Evolution of Marvel 3

Iron Man 2

As a continuation of the 2008 original, Iron Man 2 burst onto the scene grossing $312,433,331-an impressive feat for a sequel. Since everyone in the movie already knew that billionaire inventor Tony Stark was Iron Man, director Jon Favreau had his work cut out for him. But the movie’s plotline did not disappoint as the military pressured Mr. Stark to provide them with his technology. However, Tony was reluctant as he feared the technology would fall into the wrong hands.

And just as the sequel to the original Iron Man has pleasantly surprised Marvel fans, so too did the Iron Man 2 slots game featuring virtually all of the characters from the original box office hit. These include Tony Stark, Iron Man, the War Machine and Natasha Romanoff while 6 of the symbols in the game are stacked in pairs on the reels. This 5 reel adventure features an increasing multiplier that takes you up to 6x over the course of 10 free spins. To get more free spins, go to

From Comic to Slots; A Look at the Evolution of Marvel 4

Captain America

Captain America hit movie theaters worldwide in 2011. Staying true to the comic book original, ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, its subsequent slots game features Steve Rogers, a man who was rejected by the US military for being undersized. But after being accepted into a military test program and swallowing a dose of experimental serum, a patriotic super-soldier named ‘Captain America’ was born leading the fight against the Nazi-backed Hydra organization.

Meanwhile, the Captain America slots game will surely attract any Marvel fan to the casino. This graphical feast for the eyes boasts loads of opportunities for rewards including a wide array of prize symbols, Captain America Wilds, Red Skull Wilds and Captain America Scattered Shields. There’s plenty of bonus games to go around including Super Energy Free Games and Villain and Hero Super Spins as well as 4 Progressive Jackpots.

From Comic to Slots; A Look at the Evolution of Marvel 5


The Marvel stories that started as a comic book and progressed to film, have certainly come full circle as web based slots games, a true adventure for any gambler or Marvel fan. And although there are many online casino operators out there, some are more recommended than others. To see which online casinos offer your favorite Marvel themed slots game, check out, for more information.

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