40% Of Gamblers Do So Simply For Fun


No matter what leisure pursuit one decides to enjoy, chances are that at some stage it’s going to cost money! This can be anything movie tickets to hiking boots – at the end of the day fun money is there to be spent. Recent studies have suggested that in regards to gambling there has been a significant shift in the motivation for why people choose to play money games. In the past people would explicitly play to win and make money – the whole objective was to beat the house. Nowadays nearly half of all players basically accept that there’s a good chance they’ll lose their bankroll. What lies behind this shift in attitude?

Modern Gambling Is A Very Different Industry

Gambling in all of it’s many forms has never been more socially acceptable or widely enjoyed. Long gone are the days of dingy bookies – nowadays anyone with a smartphone can gamble pretty much any place they receive an internet signal. It’s the internet which has changed the face of gambling and in no small part much of this has to do with the early and enduring popularity of online poker.

While obviously a game with a competitive edge poker seemed to hit a nerve with enough people to make it suddenly become a mainstream leisure pursuit. Playing online against strangers at any time of the day for small or high stakes was the first real instance of how gambling – when made accessible – could become incredibly popular over time.

Hot on the heels of poker were the slots sites – many of which are unrecognizable today compared to even just a few years ago. Top quality sites such as All Slots Online Casino deliver an extremely sleek and highly polished service that would match the standard of any mainstream store or business. To put it simply it’s this professionalism and transparency that has encouraged more people to see gambling as a simple leisure pursuit rather than a means to pay the rent.

Gambling As A Leisure Pursuit

Any quality online casino will go to great lengths to ensure that they have all the best slots and casino games going. Remember that the competition is stiff, and sites such as All Slots Online Casino are constantly raising the bar for others to aspire towards. This is great news for the customer as they not only have fantastic quality games to enjoy (almost all are also available for free play) but the casinos are in a state of constant battle to deliver the best bonuses and loyalty incentives to attract and retain players.

Interestingly though – and possibly to the delight of the casinos – those 40% who gamble simply for fun will frequently be those who place rash long odd bets that rarely pay out. Obviously this works out perfectly for the casino – they make money while the customer was happy enough to bust out anyway! After all – it was all just a bit of fun. Nowadays people are happy to devote a part of their leisure time to play online casino games at All Slots!

There’s a strong probability that this growing trend towards fun gambling is also built upon the huge growth in popularity with App based gaming. Smartphone gaming is enjoyed by people across the demographic spectrum – and you can bet that many of those who enjoy free play games will eventually gamble a little real money. The distinction between gambling and leisure gaming is narrowing very quickly – and expect that 40% to continue rising well into the future.

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